When You're Hurt

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Hello, my lovely bitches and bastards :)

•You broke your wrist, to the point where bone is sticking out, while practicing with him
•He freaks the hell out
•Almost pukes at the sight
•Then screams and speeds you to the hospital
•Is mumbling to himself and shaking while in the waiting room
•He seemed really freaked, the normally outgoing redhead now reduced to a shaking and worried mess
•Highkey blames himself
•Once you're out, he hugs you, being very careful
•Is incredibly gentle with you for the next like,,, three months even if you've healed way before that

•You broke your leg
•He rushed you (obviously obeying the speed limit tho-) to the hospital
•Was pacing around the waiting room for an hour
•When he saw you come out with crutches, a big ass cast, his heart broke
•He felt bad seeing you struggle on the crutches, so eventually he just carried you
•He kept telling you to rest and let it heal
•Once the time came, he was extremely encouraging and enthusiastic about your physical therapy
•Seemed overjoyed the first time you where able to walk properly again

•You somehow had ended up breaking your arm so it was going in the wrong direction
•He didn't hesitate at all, speeding to the hospital. He almost hit someone ffs
•Just sat in the waiting room, spacing out
•Was extremely worried on the inside, but didn't really show it
•Brought you back home afterwards
•Helped you do things since your arm was out of commission in a sling for a while
•Would beat anybody who dared make fun of that sling
•Let you cry if the pain was getting too bad for you
•Helped you with physical therapy and getting your arm strength back

•You had fainted, and hadn't woken up in over an hour
•He rushed you to the hospital, all four of his devas where sitting on you instead of him
•Gundham had to take them off of you bc ya know you're going into a hospital room
•He tried to focus on keeping them calm while waiting for news on you
•After a little while, he was allowed to go into your room
•He sat beside you for a while, muttering pleas for you to wake up
•When you eventually did, he hugged you gently
•"I knew my Queen wouldn't let the claws of death cage her ..."
•You chuckled, happy to have him there
•After a little more time, he was allowed to take you home
•He made sure to keep an eye on you for a while

•You had a bunch of bruises and shit all over you
•He asked you what the hell happened
•You tell him someone jumped you at school
•His face softens, he helps bandage anything that needs it and treats all the cuts.
•He gets you an ice pack to put on the worst of your bruises
•Lets you rest in his arms for the rest of the day
•You even fall asleep in his arms, and waking up, although still extremely sore, to see him right away made you happy

•Hornet sting
•He scolds the hornet that did it
•Yes this mans yelled at a hornet
•He treated the sting, being very gentle
•Kissed the bandage that he had put on it
•Held you for a little while, seeming proud of himself for helping you
•He said that he loves you, giggling a bunch

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•You had broken an ankle
•He lifted you up and carried you to the car, bringing you to the hospital.
•Sat calmly in the waiting room, although on the inside he was growing more worried by the minute.
•When you came back out, you had crutches and a cast
•He looked at the crutches, shook his head and carried you to the car.
•Basically didn't let you walk even on the crutches for over a week
•Was constantly afriad you where in pain

•You had fallen, something scraped your side and opened a gash that was now bleeding profusely
•He called an ambulance, and for the time being he took off his sweater (he wears a shirt underneath that you thirsty hoes) and tried to imrpoviee bandages to slow the bleeding
•He started to panic when your eyes where closing
•Once the ambulance arrived, Rantaro and you where taken in, speeding off to the hospital
•You where getting bandaged properly, and you had now lost consciousness
•Once you guys where at the hospital, he paced the waiting room shaking and mumbling to himself
•You had finally woken up, bandages wrapped around your torso with some pretty intensive stitches on your side
•When Rantaro was told you where awake, he rushed to your side, grabbing ahold of your hand
•"y/n... I thought... I was so scared you where gonna die..."
•He was incredibly gentle with you throughout your recovery, helping you with every little thing you needed
•GOD this one was long sorry lmao

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