Ch. 25

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"Want to go somewhere?" Evan asked me around 11pm on a Friday. We were sitting on my bed, or our bed, - we had joined them together since we always slept together anyway- , just chilling, I guess.

We both had nothing to do. Evan was done with his mid semester exams, I was also done and it was just about a few weeks to the end of semester exams.

I looked at the time on my laptop and frowned up at him. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and was cleaning his hair with another, his rippling muscles wet. Why was my boyfriend so sexy?

"Want me to wipe that drool off your face? Which towel should I use?" he asked and I cursed, throwing a pillow at him playfully. It wasn't my fault that I couldn't get over how extremely hot he was. I had a thing for guys with muscles, and pecs, and that glorious v on their waist... Such a happy trail.

"Come here," I beckoned, putting away my laptop and ear piece. I had been watching an episode of Supernatural but decided Evan was much better to look at anyway.

He obliged and climbed the bed, kneeling beside me. I instinctively laid down on my back and allowed him to ravish my body with hot kisses. His body felt hold when I touched his chest, but that was okay because I loved feeling his warmth against me.

"So," he whispered as he sucked the flesh on my neck, making me moan. "Do you wanna go out tonight?"

"Mhmm" I agreed with a moan, wrapping my legs around his waist to capture him just where I wanted him.
"I'd rather do something else," I said instead, and then kissed him again.

"Is that so?" he whispered against my lips, making me nod. Our kiss instantly became a hot make out session and I was living for it. Going out could wait. I needed Evan more. I needed him now. "Angel, wait..." he said and pulled back which made me whine. "Are you sure about this? This is going to be our first time, together" he asked me as he sat back on his heels.

"Of course, I've wanted this for a long time and I think this is the right time," I answered.

Evan nodded and we went back to kissing and groping each other. "But we have to be quick because I have a quiz tomorrow", I stated, making Evan pull back.

"I'd rather do something else for you then... I don't want our first time to be a quickie" he explained and I nodded, biting my lip in the process. I wouldn't want my first with him to be a quickie too. I closed my eyes with a sigh as he started tracing kisses down my stomach.


It was about two minutes to 12pm and I was on my way to the lecture hall. I had a quiz that I hadn't really studied for, considering I've been spending so much time with Evan. Not that it was a bad thing, I just lost focus for a while. I was about two classrooms away when someone bumped into me.

"Sorry, so sorry," I apologized immediately as I looked up at the person's face. I frowned instantly when I saw Jacob staring at me like a deer caught in headlights. "Excuse me," I stated and tried to walk past him but he blocked me from going.

"Angelo, wait! I-I need to speak with you," he asked, sounding frustrated and tired. I then noticed that he had bags under his eyes as if he hadn't been sleeping well and there was a nasty gush on the left side of his mouth.

I felt sorry and almost asked if he was okay, but I caught myself before I could do that.

"I don't have time for this Jacob. I am very late for a quiz so why don't you piss off, or I'll fucking make you!" I growled angrily. Even though I felt sorry for him, I was still angry that he tried to kill me. I went to move again, still glaring at him for what he had done but he grabbed onto my arm, making me hiss in pain.

"Let go!"

"No! Not until you listen to me. Please" he insisted.

I didn't have time to respond as Jacob was instantly ripped from me and thrown to the pillar in a flash.

"He said, piss off!" I heard Marshall's deep voice growling angrily.

Jacob's body fell to the ground and he almost looked dead. I couldn't tell from where I stood and I was too shocked to even move. I looked from him to Marshall only to jump back when I saw how red his eyes were. Little red and black veins had crowded under his eyes and his eyeballs, even the whites of his eyes, were a bloody red. His fangs were also peeking out, making their presence known to whoever dared to defy the vampire that stood before me. He seemed to have grown taller too but maybe that was because I was too scared and was shivering in fear.

I cast my eyes to Jacob again and he was still on the ground. Was he... no, it couldn't be. Marshall couldn't have.

"No," I whispered, and rushed to Jacob. I squatted beside him and poked his shoulder, hoping it could revive him somehow. I couldn't even tell if he was breathing or not because the sound of my own blood rushing in my ear was way too loud.

"Don't touch him Angel. He got what he deserved," Marshall growled angrily.

"No!" I shouted as I looked up at him, overwhelmed by my emotions.

"He tried to kill you!" Marshall shouted back, glancing at the people around us. It was then that I also took notice of them. They just stood there, motionless, as though they had been frozen in time. This left me confused.

"How... how are they...?"

"I froze them so they wouldn't see what happened."

"Oh my god!" What other powers did vampires have? I was so intrigued by this and wanted to find out more but there were much more pressing issues at hand. "We'll get to that later," I stated as I looked back down at Jacob. "He's not dead, is he?"

"Unfortunately, he's still breathing," grumbled Marshall and I rolled my eyes.

"Let's get him to a hospital".

"No, go to class, I'll take care of him," he insisted with a glare but I wasn't sure if I could trust him to not hurt Jacob. "I'll try my best to not hurt him. Just go!" he said as he bent over to carry Jacob in his arms.

"Let me go with you," I insisted.

"No Angelo!" Marshall growled at him making me take a few steps back. It sounded even worse than a wolf's growl. Did that mean he was worse than angry right now? Possibly. "You have a test to take and I can't keep them frozen for longer than a minute from now. I'll keep you updated. Just go!" He said and before I knew it, Marshall had disappeared with Jacob.



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