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"I don't think it is the best idea" Lucy muttered to herself

"Well it's too late to back down now" said her daughter Antalia, who for some reason is quite excited about the whole trip that they have decided to take.

"yup I agree with her" her son Jedrck backed his twin up on this and both went ahead and went inside the private plane of her uncle who is already in there.

"well good luck" said serene from her side "see you in three months"

"Goddess knows I need that good luck" Lucy said to her best friend "well I think this is just going to blow up on my face, literally"

"stop being so pessimistic" serene reprimanded Lucy " have some faith in yourself and those two kids of yours, they will be there with you, and don't forget that we are only one phone call away" and nudged her shoulder with Lucy's.

"well I hold you down for that promise because goddess knows I will surely act upon it" Lucy said and hugged her best friend tightly and with few more parting words of encouragement from her friend Lucy finally entered the private plane only to see her children already made themselves home and already got to their respective devices, where Jedrck is playing a game on his phone on the other hand Antalia is listening to music and doing some sketching, well they work fast. Her uncle George who is intently watching her and asked "are you alright", to whom she replied "I'll soon be"

Soon there plane took off and Lucy never in million years thought that she would be going to meet her parents after almost twenty years, if someone said that to her she would have just laughed and ignored the ach that comes with it and moved on of that statement, but here she is flying back to her home country that once she called her home, going to meet her family if she can call them that, there are so many questions swirling her mind giving her the headache that she didn't wanted but, at least she don't have to live in the pack grounds that she had requested from her uncle , who generously accepted her request now her children and herself will be residing outside of the pack grounds in one of her uncle's houses that he build for his family that he doesn't use anymore.

"What are you thinking?" asked her uncle taking the seat opposite her.

"Everything and nothing" Lucy replied "why?"

"Nothing just curious" George said "you have changed so much" then added after few seconds of silence.

"isn't change part of life" Lucy added

"it is but.." George trailed off.

"but what uncle?" Lucy asked curious.

"nothing just you used to be so bubbly, cheery all the time, so positive, so full of life, nothing can pull you down but, now you have matured, you have to I guess given kids and all, you deserved so much and more, but I guess life has craved different path for you" her uncle George said quietly to her

"Keyword being used to their" Lucy replied "but you are right about one thing uncle, I have to mature fast maybe too fast but, I don't regret my kids they are the reason that I am alive. Life definitely craved a different path for me but. It took too much from me too. That no one can give me back"

"maybe you are right" George said to his niece "I have informed them I am coming with you but, I didn't mentioned your kids. Doesn't worry it's your news not mine but, I am curious about one thing though"

"well it wouldn't be you if you aren't curious" Lucy shared a light laugh with her uncle.

"Don't mind me Lucy. who was your mate?" George asked his niece to know more about the asshole who left the precious gem like Lucy.

"oh uncle wouldn't you be delighted to know that" Lucy said "let this be hidden for the time being uncle, it's for the best. Some things are better left in the dark because sometimes their aura sucks all the light within you" after this they both fell into the comfortable silence both were lost in their thoughts , one was hurting reminiscing the past, while the other was hurting for the one he just found after so long.


"How many more minutes until we finally land on the American grounds" whined Antalia from her seat?

"shut up hurricane no one wants to listen you whine so early in the morning" Jedrck relied clearly annoyed by his twin constant whining.

"you both no more complaints from you" Lucy aid now fed up from their constant bickering with each other "there are still twenty minutes till we land and further two hours to the pack grounds, so shut up" which finally put the leash on their constant whining at least for now.

"oh Lucy they don't be so hard on them" uncle George said from his seat "they are kids, and they have been holed up in this plane for nearly twelve hours, so they are going to be cranky"

"don't back them up uncle, they have this annoying streak to them that even I cannot put up with them on certain points" Lucy retorted "is they are on tight leash like right now is good for both of our health"

'we are no that bad" both of them replied at the same time which made Lucy snort and her uncle laugh.

After 20 minutes.

"Finally" Antalia cried in excitement "I never thought that I would be so relieved to see the ground in my life, I can literally kiss the ground now"

"Weirdo" Jedrck mumbled quietly to him "well if you forget we still have two hour ride in the car till we reach our final destination, so stop embarrassing us" reminded Antalia.

"Well thanks captain obvious" Antalia replied sarcastically "you are such a killjoy"

"Well someone has to be adult here and clearly you are not the one" Jedrck mocked his sister "and I happened to be the older one so it comes naturally to me"

"So does how to be the biggest asshole in the whole world too" Antalia sassed back "you are just five seconds older than me and that you your information Mr. Adult here don't count"

"You both have to shut it before I do it for you guys" Lucy interrupted her kids thousands time already in this whole trip, which is not even started yet. "You both need to cool it, and for goddess sake no more stupid childish fights" and fixed her kids with that glare that she has mastered years ago. Her kids mumbled a sorry quietly and together they proceeded towards their car where her uncle is waiting with their luggage already being taken care off. Quietly three of them sat in the car twins munching on their breakfast and coffee so does the adults and with comfortable silence engulfing them.

Lucy is relishing the American view after so long so much has changed and at the same time nothing seems out of order, it is surreal and still terrifying; her emotions are all over the place, nothing make sense and suddenly it does her wolf enjoys being here but, at the same time they both knows it's not home anymore, just the place that she grew up and had best memories of her childhood. Her kids are amazed and pointing over the things that they have seen on TV or heard about this lit place in the America to visit, they are very enthusiastic but, at the same time they too know what are they here for and the duration of time is not that big and many things can go wrong and many things will be cleared up, many secrets will be unveiled and many truths will come out it will hurt people but, it will give some closure to her and her children too.

But only these three months would tell her that it is the best or worst decision of her life.



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