Chapter: 35

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You were laying on your bed.

Just lost in thoughts....

What could've happened to Jin?

Is he okay?

You then suddenly heard strange sounds.

It... sounded like a voice but it wasn't talking.... it sounded like a one tune that kept repeating itself.

You slowly got up from bed.

You opened your door and looked around in the hallway.

There was nothing there..

Only.. a small light coming from the stairs.

You walked to the stairs and looked down.

There were lights on downstairs.

Y/N:*thinks* is someone still up?

You slowly walked downstairs still in your py's.

You walked to where the light was coming from.

The kitchen light was on.

Y/N: *whispers* hello? Anyone here?

You looked around in the kitchen but nothing there..

Y/N: mm strange...

You then heard something run behind your back.

You turned around.

Again nothing there.

???: Y/N the scaredy-cat~

You heard people laugh.

You remembered those laughs.

Y/N: alright very funny... Jimin and V.

You then saw a bunny in front of you.

Y/N: and Jungkook.

Jungkook turned to human form.

Y/N: why are you three still up?

V: we couldn't sleep.

Jimin: and I was just curious about that mirror.

Jungkook: we tried a few thing but nothing worked.

You four walked to the mirror.

Jimin: is there anything you remember about going through this mirror.

Y/N: yes but when I went through it, it was just like water.

V: should we maybe pour water on the mirror then?

Jimin: V... seriously?

V: what it could work..

Y/N: where did Jungkook go?

Jungkook came running back from wherever he was.

Jungkook: let's try it out.

He had a bucket with water in his hands.

He splashed the water over the mirror.


Jungkook: hey at least I tried.

V walked to the mirror.

V: is it supposed to be like this Y/N?

V stuck his hand inside the mirror.

His hands went in.

Y/N: yeah... wait..

Jimin & Jungkook: wait.. THAT ACTUALLY WORKED??!!

Y/N: shouldn't we wake up the others?

Jimin: nah lets go!

V: yah! At least get dressed we are still in py's

Jimin looked at the clothes.

Jimin: fine but after that we are going.

???: going where.

You all looked around and spotted Suga and rm.

Rm walked closer to the mirror.

Rm: so you got it to work?

Suga: *yawns*

V: yeah! With my genius brain!

It was a moment of silence...

Rm: anyway..

Jimin: let's go!

Jimin wanted to run through the mirror but rm stopped him.

Rm: wait. We don't know what's behind that if the other side was broken, what if you get stuck in there?

Jimin: ....

Suga: let's just do this tomorrow..

Jungkook: *sighs* fine..

Everybody went back to their rooms.

You sat on your bed.

Y/N: don't worry Jin... we are coming..

You felt still numb in your leg from that water snake.. your head became a little heavy.
Short I know!

Anyway so I have nothing to say again other thank THANK YOU FOR 12k reads!!

I'm legit jungshook people find this story interesting 😹

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