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Friday, 18th January 20x3

Jennie Kim didn't know what she was thinking when she agreed to let her college friends arrange a birthday party for her.

A birthday party for Jennie was a social gathering where everyone had a civil conversation and maybe drink a few alcohol beverages, listen to good music, and eat great foods. But no, a birthday party for them was a full out beach party where everyone was half naked and either grinding on each other, completely wasted, or both.

Her ears were already ringing from the music being played by the DJ from a big ass speaker set up on the side. She didn't even know 98% of the people there besides her 5 college friends, and Jisoo which was currently sitting next to her and feeling her irritation as she was also not a fan of loud crowds.

"You know we can always go back to the hotel anytime you want, right? I know you don't want to stay a minute longer," Jisoo said to her ear in Korean. She managed to still hear her because the bar where they were sitting on was quite far from the party, which meant that there weren't that many people there except for the two.

Jennie took another sip of her mojito and shook her head. "It's okay. I'll stay a few more minutes. You can go back, though. I'll be fine," she answered.

She didn't catch what her best friend was saying next, but she guessed she must be asking whether she was sure or not. So she nodded and smiled at her, ushering her to go back to the safety and peace of her hotel room.

Being left alone, Jennie wasn't sure what to do but to watch the crowd got even wilder on the beach that must be rented to them for the whole night.

One of the reasons why she was reluctant to leave early was because her friends must've paid a lot of money for the party, and even though she had lots of it that didn't mean she didn't know how to appreciate it when people spend it on her. So the party kept on going as Jennie sat on the bar along with a glass after another of mojito placed in front of her.

A little bit later into the night, her friends asked her to go up the stage and they started a show of firework on the beachside which pumped up the crowds even more. They all shouted wishing her a happy birthday, and she put on a smile for them but rushed as soon as she could out of the stage to go back under the concealment of the bar.

She was surprised when someone suddenly rasped out a chuckle from her right. She turned to face the stranger and found herself staring at what she could only describe as one of the most beautiful creature she had ever laid her eyes on.

If Barbie was given male clothes and had puffier cheeks and bangs and was as big as a real human, it would look exactly like the girl in front of her now.

She didn't know how someone managed to look so cute and so hot at the same time and she wished that her gayness was not showing because Jisoo was the only one supposed to know.

"You're the one they're celebrating the birthday of and you look like you're the one having the least fun here," she said full of amusement in fluent English as she seemed to be staring through Jennie's soul with her eyes.

The brunette was surprised when she found herself still managing to think of a response with her fried brain and let it out with her suddenly dry throat.

"What do you mean?"

The girl took a sip of her drink. "I mean look at everyone basically being horny and grinding on each other and here you are sitting miserably and nursing a drink," she amused.

"Well, I'm not seeing you being horny and grinding on someone either," Jennie retorted and the girl shook her head, chuckling to herself.

"I have my eyes set on someone already." she said. "So I kind of am waiting for my share of grinding at the end of the night."

By the way she was staring at her eyes, Jennie felt like she knew whom the girl was talking about. And it made a rush of excitement flew from her stomach down to her core. She could feel fires licking her insides and it took much of the self-control that she didn't know she had to stop wriggling in her seat. It had been a long time since someone made her body felt this way and she would be lying if she said that she wasn't thrilled.

Jennie looked away from the overwhelmingly intense brown eyes and took a sip of her drink in the hope that it could calm her ablaze nerves.

"Yeah? Well, good for you. Why are you still here then? Is there something that you think I can help you with?" the brunette said, half-hoping that she wasn't the one that the girl was talking about, because she definitely wouldn't refuse if the girl asked to go back to the hotel with her now.

And it would be bad if the only daughter of a multi-billionaire business tycoon let a complete stranger go back to her hotel room with her. She could definitely hear her mother chiding her on the back of her head.

The girl then threw her head back and let out the most delicious laugh Jennie had ever heard that she just wanted to swallow it down her throat as she covered the girls open mouth with her own. Then she realized how gay that sounded and told her own thoughts to shut up.

"Just cut the crap already. You know you're the one that I'm talking about," the dark-haired girl said straightforwardly after her laughter had died down.

Jennie had always appreciated bluntness and honesty. She was never one for small talks and excuses. Her time worth more than that. And she liked that the girl chose to be direct with her.

Then she looked her up and down, leaving fires burning on her skin wherever her eyes had laid on, and tantalizingly licked her lips. Jennie blamed it on the hot tropical climate and global warming for her suddenly feeling like the earth had gone a dozen degrees hotter.

She then got up off her seat two stools next to her, and walked to close the distance between them.

Jennie shouldn't have to turn on her seat, but she just couldn't keep her eyes off the alluring girl. Right now she knew that she looked so much like a prey being seized by its predator and it wouldn't even matter whether she tried to escape or not, because there was no way that she could escape from such a magnificent creature.

Suddenly the girl was standing right in front of her face and she was so close that Jennie could smell the vanilla perfume she was wearing tickling her senses.

She got even closer and Jennie thought that she was going to kiss her—she was praying for it—but she actually went for her ears and whispered to her, which she thought was actually even worse. "I think it's about time we ditch this boring party and have some fun, don't you think?"

And that was all it took for Jennie Kim to take a complete stranger back to her hotel room.

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