Chapter 11: Meeting The Team

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Author's Note

So I work at Starbucks and people are literally the worst.  Some guy started screaming at me because I made his drink iced and not hot. He told me that I was a stupid barista and that I should be fired. It was so hard for me to not tell him that he had watched me make his ENTIRE drink from start to finish. I even fucking told him that this was his drink and then he starts yelling at me. Like chill bro, it's just fucking coffee.



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With dinner time nearing, the head nurse, Judith, had weaned me off the herb painkillers that she had concocted for me. And with the pain killers slowly leaving my system the full effects of the crash were hitting me with even more force than it was earlier.

I was still on Whistle's herb and Agnius which helped with my pounding headache and the burning sensation running diagonally across my back, from where Khelar's tail whacked me this morning. But besides that, my muscles protested with every move I made, aching and cracking like I had aged ninety-years in two hours.

But by this time of day I had muscled up to the pain, forcing myself to pay no attention to it even though I so badly wanted to curl up into a ball and die.

Judith had discharged Ashton an hour earlier and I had grown bored with no dragon or boy to make small talk with. The two had been telling me about what it was like to be a dragon rider, and from what I gathered they weren't as bad as the mages made them out to be. But they had one high standard which I even the mages held to standard.

You had to be tough.  If you had any weakness your instructor was going to force you out of it, whether you liked it or not. But they had their reasoning for it too. If you were in the middle of a fight and you had horrible cardio endurance, the enemy isn't going to pause and let you catch your breath. And their definitely not going to stop if you had a weak tolerance to pain.

I was perfectly okay with the whole if you break a leg keep fighting motto, growing up in a mage family they, and the community held the same sort of principle. So I grew up not telling people how I felt unless I was on meds. Then, I would spill the beans to a dragon in a freaking millisecond and then hate myself for doing it a few minutes later.

"Hey, Norah!" I turned my head from the mural of dragon riders to the large oak doors that opened. Cora, my apparent teammate came skipping into the nurse's office. Her overly chirpy attitude lite up the infirmary in a deep shade of red, much like the evening rays.

"Hi." I greeted, hoping she would try and contain her joy for the short time we were together. I still couldn't see myself fighting alongside this childlike girl. She'd seemed more like the type of girl that would trip on her own sword walking to the training grounds.

I sat up, making sure to do it slowly to not anger the giant bruise on my back. I haven't actually seen the bruise but Nurse Judith told me it was definitely there. A small wince left my lips when I sat completely upright. My gaze dropped looking down at my dark jeans and short sleeve shirt -- the clothes I had been wearing when the dragon crashed into me. My red coat which had also been on me when I was hit, was hanging up by the chair to my left.

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