Chapter 9 : Object of Pity

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" I would hate it if my kids were unable to make friends because of my mistakes. My daughter brought you home and that is all i need to know about you, She trusted you and i trust her." Angel's father word echoed in his mind as he walked towards their house, it was her mother who opened the door and invited him for a cup of coffee at first.

At first he was anxious about Lavanya's father reaction, but after last night facing her mother made him worry more as he knew mother's tends to be over protective especially when it comes to their kids safety.

He immensely disliked waiting for them to react in a way he expected, so he could accept the rejection easily before he got more involved in his Angel's life, but only a smile greeted him . Yet he knew Lavanya's dad must have told about him to his wife as behind the smile there was a emotion that was akin to acceptance.

" Yuv is getting ready. He must have been exhausted last night that even football wasn't enough to wake him up soon" Lavanya's father joined in as he sat beside his wife who immediately leaned in to him as if such closeness was a regularity in their house.

For Vihaan who only had seen his father's hand unleashing pain on his mother. The warmth from Lavanya parents made him wish he had just one memory where is parents smiled at each other.

" Isnt your princess up ? She is always the first one to get up " Lavanya's mother conversed with her father about their daughter and Vihaan couldn't hear his answer as Yuv came out that moment all set to go .

" Let us go.  I am already late" Yuv cheerful greeting made him smile and when Yuv father offered his car for the ride, Vihaan took it with some hesitation, the fact he doesnt have a mode of transport never bothered him until at that moment. But he shook it off in hopes that one day he would be able to provide everything he didnt have for Anjali.

Vihaan knew his shift starts at 10, still he didnt have the heart to ask Yuv to stop for the day.  It was a phone call from Yuv's father that stopped his son from practicing, while Vihaan liked playing with Yuv, he had to admit his mind was bit concerned about not making it on time to work. He drove Yuv back home and dropped the keys into Yuv's hand and was about to leave when Yuv voice halted him in his track.

" Did you like being in the Orphanage? " Yuv's question caught him off guard, he hated pity and always disliked being the object of the said emotion and all the warm feelings he felt about being accepted felt like a cruel form of pity at the moment.

" No Yuv, I hated every minute of it " he answered back and immediately regretted his harsh tone when the 12 year olds face turned stricken. But he was too late as Yuv ran inside his home before he can take it back .

Vihaan wanted to make it right, but with no idea on how to do so, he left for work. But his mind stayed on Yuv stricken face, and he hated himself for being mean to Angel's brother, he knew she loved her family and if she had an inkling of his behavior towards her family then she would be the one who would walk away from him .

Though he hated the harshness of his tone, every word he said was true . He hated every minute of it. When he first walked inside to face the monster he had no clue on what his future would look like and yet the first words that greeted him shattered any hope he had left of being happy .

" The baby I can sell for high value as she looks healthy, but the boy is another expense I don't need " the cruel words rang when the monster thought they were out of ear shot. And Vihaan stood frozen in his track as he held his little sister in his hands, the fear for his sister propelled him as he tried to run away the very same night with her.

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