Chapter 35

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"It's been a month and the both of you have not caved in yet?" Jon nearly spat his coffee.

"Hold up hold up, don't start without us." Claire sat down with her mug.

"It's been a while since all of us sat together. Either one of us is missing. Always incomplete. Feels really good to be here." Bree smiled.

"Yea, it does." Kat looked at her friends. All of them looked more seasoned now. Having gone through a lot within the past month.

The girl's restaurants and bakery was still the place to go to. They had just finished wrapping up their tv show for the Food Network.

"Now that we don't have to tape the shows anymore, we would travel less." Bree fisted her hands in the air.

"I'll have my whores right with me again. Thank God for that! It sucks just hanging with the people from office. They don't wanna go out for drinks with me." he rolled his eyes.

"We could so get into the hottest places now. After we did that tv show... people notice us more. Not to mention now that Kat is Miss Popular because of Talen." Claire giggled.

"Don't even get me started on the paparazzi you guys. You girls know how bad the situation was. There would be cameras following me EVERYWHERE! Talen gets so frustrated about it. His anxiety is already through the roof and this triggers it even more." Kat sipped her frothy cappuccino.

"Finally opening up about that topic to us. Go on if you're ready to talk more." Claire said calmly.

The gang knew about Talen's problem, but Kat never told anything more than that. She didn't reveal how the progress was going.

How truly difficult it was to get Talen back to having a good night's sleep. Even if it was just for an hour.

"Well... we've been fighting. Quite a bit. Screw that, we fight almost every other day. Mainly because he won't let me help him. He won't let me stay over even if it's just so that I can be in the next room to him." Kat tried to be strong in front of her friends.

Even though she didn't cry, her friends knew better. They saw right through her.

"I'm gonna kick his ass." Jon scrunched his eyebrows together.

"Wait, so are things rocky for you guys?" Claire asked shocked.

"It's complicated-- When we I dont bring up the situation of me not staying over, we are good. But when I do suggest I should stay the night, he gets upset. The tension rises. He doesn't shout at me and obviously doesn't hit me, but he gets really tensed. Then that results in ME yelling and storming out." Kat huffed.

"Ok, so he just doesn't appreciate that you're trying to help him." Claire stared back at Kat with clear disapproval on her face.

"He does let me help out. I help him with the activities that the shrink has given for him to practice what should actually happen in the night terrors that he has. He just doesn't let me stay over."

"So, he just doesn't want the temptation of you being around. Trust me, of course he would love to have sex with you. But Talen is the kinda guy who uses his head when coming to sensible things like this. He's just making sure that you don't get hurt. Imagine how he would feel if he actually did hurt you when experiencing one of those episodes." Bree rationalized, subsiding the anger and despair in Kat.

"Yea, I know I know. I just need him to know, he doesn't have to be alone. I could always lock the door--"

"Just stop it you sex starved girl!!" Jon pushed her gently.

"We have not kissed." Kat said frustrated, earning stares of disbelief this time from everyone at the table.

"Jesus, no wonder you're miserable." Bree said just before sipping her hot chocolate.

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