Chapter 30 - Cover Blown

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The busyness with moving from the tower to the facility was driving me crazy. Just today I had to have at least signed off on 100 sheets of paperwork for my room to be packed up and moved. While I am thankful for Dad hiring movers, having that many people in my space can get stressful at times. 

Thankfully, Peter gave me an escape. He asked my Dad if I could stay over at his place for a little while, at least until I can stay at the facility. Even though Peter is one of my closest friends...and now something more I have to admit, he sucks at lying. Dad instantly caught on to the fact that we were obviously more than friends. His exact words were: 

"You're a good kid, Parker. But if you hurt my daughter in any way, shape, or form, consider yourself a squashed spider."

Both Peter and I's eyes were wide in shock. But nevertheless, Dad said yes and I packed my bags. 

And that's where I am now. Laying on Peter's bed, Ned sitting beside me as we both wait for Peter. He was late and it instantly made me worried. Suddenly, I hear the window open and my heart skips a beat. 

'Thank god.' I say to myself. 

Subtly looking towards the window from the bottom of Peter's bunk, I see him in his Spiderman suit. But Ned was still in the room and he didn't know about Peter being Spiderman. So I try my best to distract him. 

"Hey, Ned? Have you seen that cat meme on Instagram?" I ask while sitting up. 

"Which one?" he asks with his trademark goofy smile.

"Oh, the one where..." I say as I watch Peter close the door from the corner of my eye. "The one where it always looks grumpy and says sarcastic quotes?" 

"Sarah that meme is so old!" he chuckles while shaking his head. And his head shakes too far giving him a glimpse of Peter in his suit. 

"Crap." I mutter as I watch Ned's eyes grow wider and the Death Star he was holding falls to the ground and breaks.

"What was that?" Aunt May yells from outside the room, causing me to panic a little. I look to Peter to see a look on his face that clearly says 'help me', so I stand beside him. 

"Ned's death star just dropped off the bed, Aunt May!" I yell in return.

"You're the Spiderman." Ned mutters and I turn back towards him. 

"I'm not!" Peter exclaims quietly but Ned doesn't buy it. "Well, Sarah is actually Erin Stark!" 

"Peter!" I hiss but once I catch the panicked look on my face I calm down. 

"I thought you said you were just her doppelganger." Ned explains.

With a sigh escaping my lips, I turn off the iris changing effect on my contacts and lift a few lego pieces from the ground, the familiar purple sphere surrounding my hand. Ned got the point, so I drop the pieces back on the ground.

"So the whole dating thing was just a hoax?" Ned asks, his questions neverending. 

Both Peter and I shake our heads.

"Wait you're dating Erin St-!" 

But before Ned could finish, May opens the door. Quickly grabbing onto Peter's suit with my abilities, I toss it behind me. Peter awkwardly stands in front of Ned and me as May looks around.

"That turkey meatloaf recipe was a disaster." she says while chuckling and waving away the smoke. "Let's go to dinner. Ned, you want Thai?" 

"No, he's got a thing." Peter interrupts. 

"Okay, but you might want to put on some clothes though." she says while smirking at me which causes a mad blush to form on my face. 

As soon as the door clothes, Ned and Peter instantly start to bicker back and forth. The blush still doesn't disappear from my face so I throw Peter a shirt which he quickly puts on. Once I refocus, I hear Ned rambling on how he couldn't keep it a secret until Peter jumps in.

"Ned you have to! Look May cannot know. I cannot do that to her right now! And you know Erin's story! This is her only shot a normal life! Ned, please!" Peter begs. 

Eventually, Ned swears not to tell and Peter convinces him to leave. As soon as he is gone, Peter leans against his door and groans while hiding his face in his hands. I slowly walk up to him and take both of his hands in mine.

"I'm sure he'll keep his promise." I say softly.

"If May finds out I-I don't know if she'll let me keep being Spiderman." Peter replies, a quiver in his voice. 

"Hey," I say while turning his stare back towards me. "If she's fine with you dating a Stark and an ex-assassin, then I'm positive she'll let you be Spiderman."

He nods while taking a deep breath and I stay right by his side. 

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