Chapter Four

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Almost an hour later, all energy was drained from my body and I was on the verge of collapsing under the August heat. My lips felt as dry as the Sahara, and all the moving around only increased my thirst. Going back to my seat on the bench, however, was not an option; given the fact that those large men still occupied the space right next to our belongings.

They did take turns gracefully entering the waters and testing its temperature, emerging minutes later with glistening and - may I shamefully add, mouthwatering - torsos. Ariel and I thankfully had no reason to hide our bewilderment given our single relationship status, but Bella on the other hand had a really hard time trying to pry her eyes away from the interesting strangers while standing a mere foot away from her boyfriend.

Something about their air and presence was so dominating, I could not bring myself to stare at them for longer than a few seconds, an odd sense settling deep in my stomach that even if they couldn't see us, they could still feel our eyes on them. Their proud smiles showed that they knew exactly what they were doing as they so graciously ran their long fingers through their wet hair, pushing long strands away from their foreheads, their biceps flexing in the process.

They looked too good to be human. Which sounded as ridiculous in my head as it did out loud.

"I'm really tired," I whispered to Ariel and groaned, stretching my back while slightly jumping on my tiptoes and swaying in the water.

My fingers had started to look as old as a 100-year old's.

I could tell from the look in Ariel's eyes that she was just as tired, but refused to leave the waters for the same reason I did. She kept sneakily glancing at the men and huffing whenever she'd notice they were still in the same position.

"So am I. Are they ever going to leave?" She whispered harshly as she frowned in annoyance.

"What are you two whispering about?" Seth swam up to us, splashing us with some water in the process.

"Nothing." Ariel and I simultaneously replied.

We glanced at each other, wide-eyed. That was sure to grab their attention, idiots.

Noah then turned to us, sensing our uneasiness. "What's going on?" He asked.

Ariel groaned, unable to contain her exhaustion any longer. "We want to leave." She simply stated.

Seth stared at us confusedly, "you're not chained to us." He stated with a duh tone.

"I know, dimwit," Ariel rolled her eyes. "Its just that our stuff are right next to them and they're giving me the creeps." She shuddered, slightly nodding her head in the strangers' direction.

Noah glanced behind us and his frown deepened. "Did they do something?" He questioned with an overprotective tone.

I shook my head. "No. They just... they're kinda intimidating." I whispered, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks because of the absurd confession.

Seth chuckled. "You guys are such chicks. So what? They won't do shit to you guys as long as we're here." He started walking towards the shore, then stopped and glanced back at us. "Ya'll coming or what?" He raised a brow.

I looked at Ariel and she shrugged. Noah chuckled and started walking towards Seth as well. "Come on. We'll all rest down together."

Grateful for my friends' support and offer of protection, I rushed behind Noah out of the lake and away from the shore.

When my feet finally came flat against the land, and I could feel the gush of wind drying my body from the droplets of water, I nearly sighed in content.

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