Chapter: 38

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Everybody: Jin!

The person in the cave looked up and you all walked closer.

It was indeed Jin.

He was looking okay.

No wounds or anything like that.

J-Hope: your okay!

Suga: so how do we get him out.

Jin: the stone.. its pretty weak..

Jimin grabbed one of the stone Bars and began pulling and pushing it.

He then kicked against it and the small pillar fell down.

Jimin: that's one.

Jimin: yah! Could I maybe get a little hand? Your all just staring.

Jungkook: yeah yeah.

Jungkook also helped Jimin and rm too.

After a few pillars went down again jin slowly got outside.

You straight up hugged him.

Y/N: I'm sorry..

Jin: huh? Ow.. eh yeah don't be sorry..

V: I don't think we should celebrate..

You and Jin broke the hug.

???: hehe your right.

You heard laughs all around you.

And there were six people surrounding you.

V: what did I say?!

???: it's bin funny enough now hand over the girl.

J-Hope: never!

Jackson: geez your always making such a scene..

Then suddenly Jin grabbed you from behind.

Y/N: yah Jin let me go!

His voice suddenly changed.

???: nah..

You looked behind you at him and it was still Jin.. but

His face was changing.

Y/N: wait

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Y/N: wait.. if your not Jin..

Suga grabbed the person behind you by his throat. Which made him let go of you.

Suga: Where is Jin!

???: chill.. your gonna be with him soon..

Suga: where is he?!

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