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Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, but Jennie still remembered the days the girl made perfect by her mere presence vividly. And the day when she left was probably the one that she wouldn’t ever dare to forget even to her dying breath.


The yacht had reached the shore but the two girls were reluctant to leave their position. Jennie was back again enveloped in Lisa's embrace. She could smell her sweet vanilla scent and relished in the comfort she gave as she rub her head with the palm of her hand. But they had to leave and someone had to make the first move. So Jennie left the comfort and peace that was Lalisa Manoban's embrace to offer her hand for the girl to take.

“Come on,” she urged. Then they walked away in a silence full of suspense as they realized that their time together was coming to an end.

Jennie had thought and rehearsed this moment over and over again in her head for days. She had thought about how she would tell her how happy the girl had made her feel and how she would forever treasure and remember her. She had thought about their last kiss and the smile she would be wearing on her face as she said goodbye with teary eyes. She had thought about how those pretty hair would be blown away by the wind and she would smell her sweet vanilla perfume. She had thought about this moment even to its finest details and still it couldn’t prepare her for the real thing.

The sky was a mix of the prettiest shade of orange she had ever seen. With its golden hue streaks and the way it reflected on the surface of the sea so beautiful it was almost ethereal. She couldn’t have chosen any moment better than this. But it only made the moment even more bittersweet for the both of them.

Beautiful, but somber.

“Should I tell them to bring your things back to your home?” Jennie asked to break the silence.

“It's okay. I'll just take it with me,” she smiled. And with it the suspenseful silence was back again. But now Jennie didn’t know what to do to break them. They both didn’t want to leave or be left, but there was so little could be done with their situation.

It was heavy as they stood side by side on the rusty boards of the pier overlooking the sea, neither openly touching nor putting too much distance between themselves.

Lisa then chose to start the impending conversation. “So you’re leaving,” she said.


“When is your flight?”

“In one and a half hour.”

The reason why she knew so little of her departure was likely because they literally didn’t talk about it at all. Jennie refused to and Lisa didn’t force her to. It was like a silent agreement between them that her leaving was to not be talked about until the moment came. And now that it was finally here, they had so much to say yet so little time and courage to say it all.

Jennie then took the girl’s warm hand in hers and squeezed it tight. “I'll come back,” she said.

Lisa turned her body to the side and looked at her elated. “Really?”

Jennie nodded. “Yeah,” she smiled at her. “Probably next month, but I promise I will.”

The girl’s eyes grew wide, unbelieving. “Why are you saying this only now?! You could’ve saved me all the time I spent worrying about today being our final goodbye!” she whined.

Jennie laughed. “If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be sore this morning and woke up to these.” She lifted up the front of her shirt, showing all the angry bite marks covering every part of skin there. “Do you know how much trouble would I be in if anyone finds out about this? This also means no bikini and crop tops for days. I think you spending a few days worrying is nothing compared to what I will have to endure.”

Lisa laughed and held her close to her chest. She could hear her bubbly laughter reverberating on her chest next to her ear. Her most favorite sound on her comfiest place in the world.

And so they stayed like that on the edge of the pier with only the wooden railing preventing them from falling into the deep blue ocean.

“You will text me, won’t you?” Jennie whispered as if it was a question meant for the girl’s ear only.

She tightened her hold on her. “I will.”

“You will answer when I call, won’t you?”

“Whenever I could, yes.”

“You will be here when I get back next month?”

Lisa pulled back to look her warmly in the eyes before kissing her forehead lovingly. She could still feel the warmth of her lips as they laid on her forehead, marking it as hers even if she didn’t know it then.

“I will still be here waiting for you when you decide to come back. Whenever that is,” she answered.


She did come back the next month. James, her bodyguard who had given her his word to not spill anything about her involvement with Lisa to her parents, accompanied her again this time since he had proven to be true to his word.

As soon as she stepped her foot on the ceramic floor of the airport, her eyes started looking everywhere. She was looking for a sign of a tall brunette with catchy bangs. A few minutes into her search, she finally found her leaning on one of the pillars there, a few meters away from her, as she seemed to be deeply engrossed in her phone.

A smile found its way to creep on Jennie’s face and she started walking with a newfound spirit to close the distance between them.

“Lisa!” she called out, attracting not only the attention of the brunette but also quite a lot of people there. But she didn’t care. Nobody she knew or knew her was there. She could be as gay as she wanted to.

The girl then looked up from her phone and her eyes immediately locked with Jennie’s smiling ones. Her lips widened, pulling up into a grin as she pocketed her phone and followed Jennie’s lead to close the distance between them. Jennie was no longer stomping/walking to her. She was now on a full on sprint and her smile seemed to impossibly get even wider as they got closer. Until finally the girl was only a leap away, and she did just that.

Leaping into Lisa’s ever so eager arms.

A feeling sneaked its way inside her heart then. The kind of feeling that made the month of waiting worth it and the days to come ever so anticipated.

There in the middle of a small airport in a small province in Thailand, she found her comfort again in the arms of a familiar stranger.

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