Chapter Thirty

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Sipping on my hot chocolate, I watched over the brim of the mug as Jesper inched away from Tommy. He looked his regular put together self today and he wore a turtleneck, obviously covering his mating mark. Who'd want to hide that? I'll show mine off to everyone! I just had to wait until after my dream Ceremony.

"Here you go, sweetheart." Grandma smiled, sitting a plate of food in front of me.

"Thanks, Grandma." I chirped happily, immediately digging in. She's the only person whose food is better than mom's, and that's only because she taught mom everything she knows.

Mom was still at the pack house, working overtime with all the guest still visiting. I had no idea why they hadn't all left by now.

My Robby had to stay and do Alpha stuff. Whatever that entails. Tonight will be the first night we've slept apart in over a week. I had gotten so use to using him as a full body pillow. I'm going to miss my favorite pillow.

"Does that father of yours do nothing around here?" Grandpa came stomping into the kitchen, having to duck so he wouldn't hit his head in the archway. "That bathroom door still doesn't latch, even after all these months." He complained, sitting heavily on the stool beside me.

Dad was at work but he would definitely get an earful when he got home. Then again, he'll probably come in late when everyone goes back to the pack house. Mom's family all had it in their mind that dad was lazy and did nothing to help mom. That wasn't the case but it's hard to change their minds. Mom got pregnant with Calvin while she was still in her senior year of high school. Which now that I'm thinking about it, was that before their Ceremony?

"So when am I going to get some great grandpups?" Grandma asked, piling a mountain of food on a plate for grandpa.

"Soon!" I burst, giggling like crazy.

"What? Did you Mate before your Ceremony?!" Grandma's sweet nature morphed into one that was scary as she turned on me. Her brown eyes narrowed.

I watched Jesper's eyes grow big as he looked at the tall female with fear.

"Nope." I said easily, unfazed. "But Calvin got a female pregnant."

My brother was lucky he wasn't here. I'm sure Grandma would have put the fear of the Goddess in him. Like mom had been, Grandma was livid. He'd knocked up a female that wasn't his Mate. That was the biggest sin in Grandma's eyes. I was just happy to be the one to tell the family. I only hoped to be around when Grandma finally got her hands on him.

Grandpa was grumbling, agreeing with Grandma but too busy eating.

Should I be this happy getting my older brother into trouble? Yes. Especially when everyone looked at him like he was the perfect example of a male. Definitely after being ignored by him for all these years. I deserved some sort of revenge.

After everyone had finished eating, I helped clean up the kitchen and accepted any praise I got for it. That was an Omega thing I couldn't help. Like a little attention whore who got off being helpful. I wanted to be seen as useful.

Blowing soap bubbles off my hands, I pretended not to be listening to Jesper and Tommy's whispered argument. They were the only ones left in the kitchen, thinking because they were on the other side of the room that they couldn't be heard.

Grandma and Grandpa were in the living room probably napping. It's something the elderly did a lot. I could see my uncles through the window out in the backyard talking and shoving each other around. Most of my cousins stayed at the pack house or went into town with their mom's.

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