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With the challenge of having to make room for one other person, I let out an aggravated huff, as Bane too, scowled.

At my sound of displeasure, the girl turned around, and immediately a sour expression crossed her face.

Understandably so though, since mine experienced the same thing. In front of me stood Bitchy Bailey, the wicked witch of the west, also known as Ado's ex.

Sneering, she opened her ugly mouth, "Eugh, Alice. Why the hell are you back in this place?"

"It's Alura— you skankwad, I live here with Ado. Though I suppose you'd know that, considering you still stalk him after 2 years." I retorted, rolling my eyes.

Letting out a mixture between a gasp and a screech, she says "I beg your pardon."

I, having read my fair share of books, watched tons of tv shows, and entertained myself with text posts in my free time, found the perfect opportunity to retort.

Flashing a fake grin, I spat back "Then beg."

The sound of Banes laughter stole both our attention, Baileys sour expression going from ugly to slut— wait same thing— as she eyed the man candy.

Banes eyes were trained on me, twinkling with something akin to amusement and admiration, like a props through eye contact.

I started to smile, right as Bailey chose to make me throw up my breakfast.

"Hey there, I'm Bailey, and you are?" She purred in greeting. She fucking purred.

"Not interested."

Wait. Who— yes. That was Bane, stepping on Bailey before she could even begin her attempt to seduce him.

I let out a snort of amusement, letting myself admire the guy for being able to say "no" to Bailey.

Sure, she was worse than a siren, but she had the looks of one too.

This time, it was me extending the props via eye contact to Bane. Just as I received his nod of appreciation, the elevator reached Bailey the Banshee's stop, and she got off, not before turning around to deliver one last remark, along with placing a piece of paper with her number on the cart?

When the fuck did she get time to write that down.

"Give me a call when you're done with her, which will be soon because she's a prude if you ask me—"

"Well I didn't ask you."

Ah, the joy of being in the presence of a guy so apathetic, that Baileys boobs couldn't sway him.

With a final huff, she exited, the doors closing after her.

After a couple seconds of silence, Bane and I turned to each other, held eye contact for a second, and fucking lost it.

We dissolved into a fit of laughter, sobering up slightly, only to make eye contact again and fall into another fit.

By the time our laughter faded away, we had reached the penthouse.

Pushing the trolley, Bane went ahead, with me following closely behind him.

Overtaking him in three large strides, I reached for the door to unlock it.

Almost immediately after opening the door, Loki jumped onto me, yapping and licking my face all over.

He took a short pause, realizing there was another person he'd never met before, and trotted over to Bane.

Bane, having left his position at the cart, crouched down to reach Loki, who cautiously sniffed his hand and then snuggled his head beneath Banes palm.

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