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"Don't make a mess or break anything," my father says to me. I'm in the kitchen on the phone with him as the others chat in the cottage living room.

We just arrived about ten minutes ago and were about to assign sleep arrangements before my father called.

"Yes we've been over this a million times. I'm not immature. I'm not gonna throw a party."

"I trust you won't."

I hate lying. He doesn't know who's here. He knows Keanu and Leo are. However, it's Keanu, Leo, Mia, Liv, Gabe, Elle and I.

Gabe and Elle are going home tomorrow because they both have stuff to do so either he extra space I invited up Aleks, Julian and Talia.

So many people.

My father would kill me.

"Okay bye," he says. In the background I can hear my mom says wait and then she's on the phone.

"Hi baby, I love you and be careful. Especially with the boat. I don't want you guys in it too much just maybe one or two small rides."

"Yes I know."

I have a boating license and so does Keanu. Leo can't even drive a car.

"Okay love you darling."

"You too mom."

Then she hangs up and I return to where everyone is.

"Okay theres a king in the master bedroom, a queen in my room and a king in the spare room plus the couch."

Everyone nods.

"I'll sleep in my room," I say "and someone else."

Keanu puts up her hand but Elle immediately shakes her head. "Can we stick with genders? I'm not listening to anything at night if you know what I mean."

"We'll be too tired at that time. The cottage is exhausting," Keanu's says, clearly annoyed with Elle, whom she hates for whatever reason.

"We'll take master bed," Liv says pointing between her and Mia.

"I want couch," Gabe says.

"Two people in the spare room and two and someone else in mine," I say recapping.

"I'm sharing with Andrew I don't care," Keanu says. Elle shrugs.

"Okay so it's Leo and I," Elle says.

I can see something flicker across Keanu's face. I can tell she debates switching it so Elle or Leo was with me. However she's incredibly jealous and would never put Elle with me but she hates Elle too much to share a bed with her. Eventually she shrugs and stands up, clapping her hands.

"I'm going down to the dock to swim, who's coming?" Keanu says looking around at everyone. She doesn't know everyone very well and I know she doesn't really like them.

They aren't the spoiled mean kids she hangs around.

"I'll go," Liv chymes and Mia decides to as well. Gabe agrees to go down to the doc to read in the sun.

Elle and Leo say they're going to play cards up here for a bit.

I go down to the dock because Keanu drags me. So while they hop into the water I sit using a pump to blow up the floaty's that have deflated over time from being left in the shed. I'm surprised to see most still work.

I toss the donut shaped ones into the water and try to dive in the centre of them.

We're in the water for like an hour when Elle and Leo join us. At first Leo is reluctant to jump in but finally Liv and I convince him.

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