the family reunion

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"Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of your brother?"

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"Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of your brother?"

If someone were to ask Thea Hargreeves what she was doing the moment she heard the news of her late Father's passing, she would answer wholeheartedly with the truth.

She was high as hell.

Sitting on the dilapidated sofa lazily smoking a joint wasn't how Thea had planned to spend her day. It wasn't how she ever really planned to spend her days, honestly, but here she was, spread across the multitude of pillows and throw blankets struggling to keep her eyes focused on what was displayed across the tv screen. She had chosen to play some old-timey movie to act as background noise, but the film had since ended in her haze-addled state and instead the screen showed a stern-faced man in a suit.

"Incoming transmission. We have just had confirmation of a breaking news story."

Despite herself, she was intrigued. Grabbing the remote to turn up the volume, she shifted forward to get a better look at the news anchor. The 'breaking news' headline sprawled across the bottom of the screen. The head which lay in her lap shifted at the increased noise and she went back to running her fingers through the soft strands.

"Only moments ago, police confirmed the reported death of the world's most eccentric and reclusive billionaire..."

"What's up?" a muffled voice asked from below. Turning her attention away from the screen, she looked down at her brother's weary face, his eyes heavy-lidded from sleep.

She nodded towards the very familiar face plastered on the news segment, the iconic monocle and smug countenance bringing forth too many uncomfortable memories. Luckily, neither twin was sober enough to pay much attention to their repressed childhood trauma. Reginald Hargreeves' image stared back at them through the screen, somehow managing to look disappointed even from the grave.

"It's Dad," she answered. "Looks like he finally kicked the bucket."

"Huh." Klaus sat up from her lap, blinking dazedly at their father's pixelated face. "Who would've thought...I mean, I was pretty sure he'd become immortal at some point and would outlive us all."

"What a tragedy that would be! I suppose the world can sleep easy now the big bad wolf has been slain," Thea snickered.

"Are we going?" Klaus asked.


"Are we going to dear Daddy's funeral?" he clarified. "It would be rude not to, wouldn't it?"

"When have you ever cared about being rude?" she said, laughing when he gave her an affronted expression. She slapped his arm. "I guess it would be rather embarrassing for the old man if two of his beloved children boycotted his funeral."

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