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"Liv be careful," Mia laughs. Liv is drunkenly dancing next to the fire, swinging her crop top around in her hand.

Talia passes one of the bottles Aleks brought to Julian. Everyone's just laughing and chatting as we slowly make our way through a couple bottles.

Keanu seems to be in a better mood now that Talia is here and the two are all over each other chatting up gossip and things. The amount of times I've heard Keanu rant about Elle. Well, she calls her by her full name, Stella.

I can hear music playing from someone's phone but I can't quite place who's.

"Come dance with me," Liv holds her hand out to Aleks who gets up in a second.

"M'lady," he jokes grabbing her hand.

The others laugh.

"I want to swim," Leo whispers in my ear. His hot breath on my neck gives me shivers.

"Me too."

We both get interrupted when Talia stands in front of us holding a bag of marshmallows. She hands us both one.

"Where are your guys' skewers?" She asks me.

"Er... There should be four in the kitchen next to the fridge. Everyone else has to grab a stick and burn the end."

Talia nods her head before repeating what I said to everyone else so that they can find themselves sticks. When she leaves to the kitchen I shove the marshmallow in my mouth.

Leo does the same but then he tries to say something. I laugh at the amount of times he has to repeat himself but no matter what all I can hear is gibberish while he's eating the marshmallow.

He laughs too which only makes it more difficult for him to talk then we're both laughing our heads off with our mouths full.

Talia returns to give us both a skewer and more marshmallows.

"I was trying to say," he says as he puts the marshmallow on, "that after we should go swim."

I smile and nod my head.

We both cook our marshmallows and I watch mine catch on fire and burn till it melts off the skewer.

"What a waste," he says.

"I can still eat it," I reach to grab it in the pit of the fire and he grabs my shirt to stop me.

"Are you dumb?"


"Fire," he says. "It's fucking hot."

I laugh. Shit this is why I shouldn't of drank so much.


"I want to go down to the water!" Liv says as she drops her stick to the ground and runs down the stairs leading to the dock. There's lights in the railings, illuminating the steps all the way down but the dock is pitch black. The only thing lighting the water is the moon light and stars.

"Dang she took our idea," Leo says.

I step over Livs shirt that she dropped and watch her strip to her underwear. Mia follows and does the same.

"These girls are crazy," Julian says to Aleks.

"I love them," Aleks laughs before heading down to the water. He takes off his shirt as he walks.

Nobody bothers the five minutes it would take to go inside and put on our damp bathing suits but instead everyone strips to under garments and jumps in. Except Liv who isn't wearing a bra but she's already in the water and it's too dark to even notice.

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