Chapter 14

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“Gia” Cameron whispered. She was asleep. He looked at her, she was so beautiful, and feisty…Cameron smiled as he remembered the first time he had seen her. When he saw her coming to the podium, his heart had skipped a beat and immediately he knew that he could not live without her.

Cameron closed his eyes, imagining his future, a future in which Gia and him were happily mated with many children around them. He smiled and wondered what Gia would think of this picture in his mind. He heard her moan, and he turned to look at her. She restlessly tried to find a more comfortable position. Without thinking her gently picked her up and set her on his lap, bringing his arms around her waist, her head resting on the hollow of his shoulder. She was everything he needed in his life; he loved her so much it hurt whenever she was not near. He softly kissed her on her head, and she cuddled closer to him.

“Will you come live with me? Don’t answer anything if the answer is yes” he joked. She sighed.

“Yeah, I love you too” he said resting his head on hers.

* * * * * *

Selene waited for Nicolai to park his car in front of the store. As soon as he did, she pulled off her seatbelt and turned to look at Nicolai.

“Thank you for bringing me to work”

“I am at your service” he smiled at her.

She smiled back. “I will see you at 5” she said opening the car door.

“You bet” He leaned closer to her “can I get a kiss before you go”

“I guess you can” she smiled leaning too and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“I already miss you” he said as she got off the car and closed the door. “Can’t wait”

Selene watched him back up his car and wave before he left town. 

“I love you” she whispered softly, already decided to tell him the whole truth.

* * * * * *

Nicolai parked his car in front of the pack house, already wishing it was 5 to see Selene again. He watched as a dark grey wolf came running in his direction, he immediately got off the car.

Alpha! The wolf called to him.

“What is it what’s wrong?” Nicolai asked as the wolf stopped as soon as he had reached him.

We just got news that the rogues fled to town, and James has disappeared.

Nicolai did not hear that last part, he quickly got on his car again and started the engine.

“I want everyone to be inside the pack house, call the rest of the elite to guard the pack house” he yelled before closing the door.

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