Chapter Thirty One

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"But Halloween is long over." I complained. Dana rolled her eyes, fixing her hair and makeup in the mirror before turning towards me.

"Costume parties can be held at any time." She stated. Apparently at such short notice, she couldn't find any fairy wings to go with her pretty purple dress. She wanted me to dress up as her fairy prince, she'd even went ahead and gotten the costume for me. There was no other choice but to go along with it. I haven't owned a costume since I was thirteen and dressed up as the Hulk for Halloween. Thinking about it, I wondered what mom did with the padded bodysuit I had ran around in for weeks thinking I was invincible.

I looked down at the white suit Dana picked out for me and picked at one of the diamond buttons. It was very nicely made. I couldn't imagining her finding this in a thrift shop or costume store. It fit perfectly too.

"Come on, let's go so you can see your Mate in some skimpy warrior costume." She joked, grabbing my hand and pulling me along. We were late because she'd taken so long getting ready. Everyone else went ahead but she screamed at me until I reluctantly sat down, having no other choice but to wait for her. Who knew it could take two hours to do makeup. It didn't even look like she had any one. But who was I to suggest she add some glitter for the fairy affect.

Frey females could be scary when they wanted to be and I knew when to be quiet.

Now she'd put the thought in my head though and I wondered what Robby would be wearing. He could definitely pull off a skimpy warrior costume. He had the perfect body for it. Oh, I shouldn't think of that right now. I thought about his body too much. Specifically what it would look like without any clothes. Dang, I'm thinking about it now.

Smiling to myself, I got into Dana's car. I wouldn't have if I'd known she had the intention to kill me. The whole five minute ride was stressful.

"Stop being a drama queen, come on!" She rolled her eyes and hopped out, fixing her dress.

I peeled myself from the seat and forced myself not to kiss the ground. I'd never get in a car with her behind the wheel again. Turning to look up at the pack house, I had expected loud music and flashing neon lights. Much like there had been at the Human party Robby took me to. There wasn't any of that. Not even some drunk male laying on the front lawn. Maybe wolf parties are different. I'd thought it would have been ten times crazier. Seems I'll have to find another chance to redecorate.

Following Dana into the house, I immediately came to a standstill. "Did you lie?! Is there no party and you just wanted to get me dressed up for no reason?!" I accused, glaring up at her. Placing my hands on my hips, I watched her scratch at her brow as if at a loss. Where was everyone? I hadn't even seen my other cousins costumes because Dana had kept me locked up in my room. Maybe they'd went to dinner or were across the street laughing at me.

"Everyone's in the backyard, you'd be an idiot to allow drunk wolves in your house." She sassed, mirroring my pose with her hands on her hips.

"Oh." That made sense, I guess.

Dana laughed and came over to me, fixing my suit and smoothing any wrinkles out. "Can't have my prince looking bad." She winked.

I let her grab my hand and drag me towards the back of the house. I still couldn't hear any music but I guess they wanted to keep the peace. Is there a such thing as silent parties? I thought I'd have seen at least one drunk person passed out somewhere.

"Please smile." Dana said, blocking my view with her tall frame so I couldn't see out the back sliding door.

I smiled for her and she finally walked outside. My smile quickly morphed into confusion and then shock once I followed her out.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fairy lights wrapped around the patio banister. I was relieved when I caught sight of the huge crowd in the backyard. At least I wasn't lied to and there was actually a party. Then I realized everyone was staring at us and they all rushed to stand up out of their chairs.

"What's going on?" I whispered to Dana as my eyes continued to take everything in.

She didn't have to respond though. My eyes finally landed on my Mate. Robby's lips lifted in a slow smile that I'd seen plenty of times. It was smug.

My eyes filled with tears as my heart started working again. When—how?

Dana gave me a nudge, apparently thinking I was taking too long. I needed that nudge though to get me walking. Robby's smile grew bigger and I had to force myself not to run to him. Everyone was still staring at me but at least I looked nice. Imagine if I had came in an actual costume!

The isle was covered with white rose petals but I barely noticed them I was so overwhelmed.
Mom and dad were in the front dressed up like everyone else, along with the rest of the family. They smiled at me and mom nodded in encouragement. Not that I needed any, I about threw myself at Robby after speed-walking to him.

The big male chuckled beside my ear as I clung to him, my tears finally spilling over.

"Are these happy tears?" He asked, sounding a little unsure. I sniffled, nodding against his chest.

"You wore a pink suit." I said as if it explained everything.

"It was in your book." He chuckled, pushing me back a little so he could look over my face. He cupped my cheeks, using his thumbs to wipe away my tears. I must have looked silly, crying with the huge smile on my face.

I looked down at his suit, the soft pink that looked almost white was exactly how I'd imagined. He'd done this for me. He'd given me my dream Ceremony.

My face warmed as I peaked out at the crowd watching us. Mom was taking pictures, unable to wait.

I couldn't believe this. It must be a dream. A really good one.

A female dressed in plain light gray robes motioned for everyone to take their seats, finally gaining my attention. I stared at her in shock, the silver circlet resting on her brow signaled her high standing.

Robby grabbed my hand and turned us towards her. I stole another glance at him before looking back at the high priestess.

"We gather here today to witness the bonding of Robert Killian and Torin Frey."

I snickered at the use of my Mate's full name and he shot a quick glare at me. He didn't stop smiling though and neither did I. My cheeks were starting to ache I was cheesing so hard.

This was better than any dream Ceremony I'd planned in my head. Mostly because of the male standing beside me. No matter if some thought it was too soon, I know I'm in love with him. Robby, who only wore ripped jeans and his leather jacket, was now standing in front of our entire pack and the dozen of other Alphas in a pink suit. For me.

I sent a silent thanks to the Goddess who gave me my best friend. Someone I know I can always count on and trust to the very end. She gave to me the male that would share all my greatest and worst memories. Someone I'll love forever.

She gave me my Mate.

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