Scars ( 34 )

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We swim for a while longer. The cool water felt good against my skin and aching body. However, boys stopped me from having my peace.

The boys were splashing each other. Laughing and smiling like little kids. I was laughing along at them until Alex got a brilliant idea.

Without me noticing he got behind, picked me up and placed me on his shoulders.

I yelped slightly at the action.

"What are you doing?", I question fearfully.

"Hold your breath", Alex laughed.

Fearfully. I took a deep breath and pinched my nose.

Alex jumped back sending both of us into the water with a huge splash. When we resurfaced I smiled evilly at Alex.

"This means war", I declared.

I jumped up and shoved Alex back under the water. Roy joined in by splashing me in the face. Ty came to aid by splashing Roy from the other side.

Jason tackled Ty into the water as Alex resurfaced.

Our water war raged on until the others surrendered and I was declared the winner.

We dried off and tiredly walked back to our rooms. When I got to my room I washed off and then promptly proceeded to belly-flop onto my bed.

I was enjoying my relaxing but short rest as I heard two familiar laughs and yelling outside my room.

Curiously I opened my door and I couldn't help but laugh at the scene before me.

Jason was standing in the doorway of his room, soaked to the bone and holding an empty ice bucket in one hand. Alex and Roy were in the hall laughing so hard their faces went red.

Jason ran and chased after them. The troublesome pair turned and ran down the hall. Jason ragefully threw the empty ice bucket at them.

The bucket hit Roy causing him to fall.

"Go on without me. Save yourself", Roy called out to Alex.

Alex turned swiftly on his heels and picked the smaller male in his arms.

"No bro left behind!", Alex yelled as they raced down the hall with Jason not further behind.

I laughed heavily as they rounded the corner out of sight. I look back and saw Ty laughing just as hard. He stood in the doorway of Jason and his shared room.

"I don't even regret helping them", he laughed.

"I would never take you for a prankster."

"Sardis was always the mischievous one, but even I like to cause a little trouble every now and then", he smirked.

"Jason will be pissed if he finds out you helped."

"True, might not be safe to sleep in my room tonight."

"There's enough room in my bed", I joked.

" I'm fine with that. I'll go change", Ty smirked as he closed the door.

"Wait, What!?!", I called but it was too late. He walked back to his room and closed the door behind him.

Oh my god, what have I gotten my self into?

It wasn't long before I heard a knock at my door. I open the door to see Ty standing before me. He wore long pajama pants and a pale yellow T-shirt.


"Hey", I replied sheepishly.

He sat down in the chair that was in the corner of the room. He was looking at me but it seemed he wasn't even aware I was here. His posture was off as he slouched in the bay chair.

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