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“So the reason why you didn’t want to tell me why we couldn’t meet up in the morning was because you were still at school?”

They had just arrived in Jennie’s hotel room from the airport and she was curious why Lisa used to not be available every morning before, so Lisa explained to her in a careful manner and waited for exactly this to happen.

She hid her blushing face behind the palm of her hands. “I didn’t want to tell you! I was afraid you’d be freaked out for hanging out with someone younger and leave,” she muffled Jennie almost couldn’t hear her.

“It doesn’t matter whether you tell me now or earlier, Liz,” she said. “I am freaking out now!”

The girl picked up her face to look at the pacing older girl in front of her. “But I’m not a high school student anymore!” she excused.

“It doesn’t even make it any better!” Jennie emphasized with her hands. “I slept with a high school student! Were you even legal?!”

Lisa looked down in shame again.

“See!” the other girl exclaimed. “Oh my god. I’m so fucked.” She pulled on her hair.

“I’ll be 18 next month, though. Why are you so stressed out about this anyway? It isn’t like I didn’t consent to it and haven’t done it before. My birthday is not even that far away. Most people would’ve considered themselves a year older already by now.” She shrugged.

“It’s not that,” the older girl sighed. “I wouldn’t have cared if you’d told me this after your birthday. But now that I know you’re not legal yet, how am I supposed to bring myself to do ‘that’ with you?”

Understanding where she was coming from and grasping the opportunity to make a dirty joke, Lisa smirked in her seat. “What do you mean by ‘that’?”

Jennie blushed. “What?”

“You heard me the first time, Jen,” she chided.

“Well, that.”

“Yeah, and what is ‘that’?”

“That,” she repeated as she grew even redder and Lisa’s smirk grew wider.

“Do you mean ‘sex’?” Lisa said finally giving in. But instead of being relieved, Jennie reached her deepest shade of red at the mention of the word, urging her to cover her face with her hands embarrassedly. And at the sight, a cheerful laughter erupted from deep within Lisa’s chest.

For the first time since forever, seeing the older girl getting embarrassed at the mention of sex as if she hadn’t done or even heard it before, Lisa finally let out the carefree laughter she had been keeping in from the rest of the world, while Jennie had forgotten all about being upset and found herself dumbfounded at the sight. The girl was truly the most beautiful person she had ever and would have ever seen. There was no doubt about that now.

Until she joked through her laughter. “I don’t understand… heh… how an adult… who’s even had sex with me before have to be embarrassed talking about it with me too.”

Jennie in turn glared deadly at her. “I hate you.”

Wiping her teary eyes, she told her, “Nah, you don’t.” She then patted the space next to her on the bed, inviting the older girl to lay there. “Come here. I know you’re tired after the long flight. I’ll give you a massage and we can cuddle after,” she proposed.

Right then and there Jennie decided that if she had asked to come back with her to New York, she wouldn’t have refused. Hell, she could even live with her.

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