family trouble

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"When trouble comes, it's your family that supports you."

Thea was awoken by the sound of a crash. Rubbing her eyes, she looked around the room for Five. After their conversation she'd fallen asleep in his room, the pair so easily falling into the kind of dynamic that they'd shared as children, curling into themselves, and whispering late into the night.

Only this time we weren't planning on taking over the world, more so saving it.

But the room was empty and she frowned. Neither Five nor the duffle bag were anywhere to be seen and she rubbed her eyes, feeling dazed from sleep. Thea could only guess that her brother had left and taken the bag with him. But where did he go, and why hadn't he woken her up?

Sighing in the way only a person accustomed to dealing with sibling drama could do, Thea swung herself off of the bed and pursed her lips, contemplating what to do. Further sounds from outside caught her attention once more, and her natural curiosity urged her to take a peek.

"I love you! Even if you can't love yourself!"

Klaus? Even more intrigued now, Thea knelt on the abandoned bed and hefted the window open, peering outside to see her brother knee-deep in the garbage disposal unit. What the hell? Scrambling through the window to perch on the outside fire escape, ignoring the morning chill on her bare legs, Thea looked down at Klaus holding a half-eaten bagel, clearly debating on eating it.

"How many times have I told you to ignore the impulsive thoughts?" she deadpanned, watching as he jumped in place, dropping the bagel in the process.

Looking up at where she stood above, Klaus rose his brows in surprise. Glancing discreetly to his side, at where the ghostly figure of Ben sat looking up with a disgustingly smitten expression plastered on his face, Klaus withheld a smirk. "Hey sis!" he called. "What's up?"

"What are you doing in the garbage?"

Klaus scratched his head, "Uh, dumpster diving?"

"Is that a question?" she snorted, squatting so that she could lean against the rusted railings and stare down at him with amusement. "And why would you need to dumpster dive? I buy you everything you need!"

Klaus averted his eyes with a pout. "Fine. I'm trying to find whatever priceless crap was in that box I took."

"That you stole?" Thea smirked.

"Took. Stole. Who cares? If it belonged to Dad then doesn't that make it ours anyway?"

Thea shrugged. "I wouldn't be surprised if the old man wrote us all out of his will."

Klaus tutted. "Touché."

"Maybe it's already been taken away with the rest of the trash?" she asked, eyeing the mounds of filth with a wrinkled nose.

Klaus groaned dramatically, collapsing to lean against the edge of the container in defeat. Thea laughed at his dramatics and scaled her way down the fire escape, jumping down so that she landed just above the garbage disposal, unwilling to risk infection at touching whatever was inside.

Unwillingly, she had sat herself right beside Ben. Klaus withheld a manic laugh. Ben was frowning, though, and that caught his attention and so he gave his sister a second look, and blinked.

"Why are you still in pyjamas?" he asked. She wore an oversized tee and satin shorts, the former adorned in a print very familiar to his childhood. The Star Wars logo forever iconic.

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