If You Self-Harmed

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Alrighty then. Real quick before we start, I just want to say that if you're struggling with self harm right now, fucking tell someone. Reach out. Get help. I struggled with this myself in the past... I still have the scars on my shins and thighs, it took until I crossed the threshold of my therapist's office for me to decide to talk about it. Don't fight alone. And don't be polite about asking for help either. Bash pans together and scream that you're not okay if that's necessary to get your point across. Talk to a counselor, a teacher, a friend, your parents if you feel you can trust them, anybody.
Also, if you aren't comfortable with reading this, don't.
Okay, on with the scenario.

•Caught you carving the word "ugly" into your thigh, immediately rushed over and pulled your hand away
•Threw the blade out, tears forming in his eyes
•You couldn't speak or let your eyes meet his
•He seemed to figure out that, in the past few months, a few of his fans hadn't taken kindly to the idea of him having a girlfriend
•He put bandages over the cuts, tears finally starting to fall from both of your eyes
•He holds you close in a shaky, protective hug
•"Y/N... Why the fuck didn't you tell me the torment had gotten this bad... I could've... I will protect you... Everything they say is bullshit... Please... Don't do this to yourself..."
•He held you for a longgg time, and the next time you two went out together he glared daggers at any fangirls that gave you weird looks
•He called you beautiful and gorgeous so many times, wanting to make you see that you aren't ugly at all

•He froze at first
•When he saw the sheer number of slits on your wrist, he became shaky and almost got sick
•He pulled the blade out of your hand
•Wrapped up your arms, and just held you for a long time without saying anything
•Eventually, he mumbled something along the lines of "What did they do to push you over the edge"
•You asked him what he meant
•"...You've been bullied for years... I've seen your bare arms before, you had no scars, and no concealer covering anything... So... What the fuck did they do to push you over the edge into.... This... Please, tell me... i... I want to help... Be your knight in shining armor..."
•You where startled, especially that he swore, but you burst into sobbing and just ranted about what had happened
•He listened, promising to get the people who did that to you expelled

•Was startled when he walked into the bathroom and saw you sitting in the tub, cutting your shin open
•Accidentally yelled at you
•This of course, scared the shit out of you, and made you think he was mad at you
•When you started sobbing out of guilt, he immediately pulled you into a bear hug, apologizing over and over
•"Nononono.... Doll, please... I'm sorry I yelled... I'm.... I'm not angry... I'm.... I'm fuckin scared... I admit it... This scares the shit out of me... Please, tell me what's wrong... I want to help..."
•You eventually where able to speak, explaining that a few of the members of his gang had been making a few... comments for a long time now without Mondo knowing about it
•This absolutely enraged him, but, he planted a surprisingly gentle kiss on your lips and picked you up
•"I'll deal with those asshats tomorrow.... But for tonight... I want to make sure you feel happy..."
•He bandaged up your wounds, holding you close for the rest of the night
•Needless to say, his gang had a few less members come the next evening.

•His eyes widened at the sight, racing to your side
•His devas also surrounded you, but this seemed to overwhelm and stress you further, so Gundham told them to give the two of you some space
•They all, with worried faces and concerned squeaks, scurried off somewhere else.
•He scooped you into a gentle hug, being careful not to touch the hundreds of slits that now covered your thigh
•He threw the razor to the side
•He silently bandaged them, his silence scared you.
•You started apologizing, saying that you should've been more careful, lying and pretending you where going to tell him soon, until he stopped you
•"...Cease these lies my fallen angel... They shall only cause you more pain... I'm glad I was able to catch this happening.... I, for all my intuition, would've never figured this out... You're the most beautiful being, immortal or mortal, I have ever laid my cursed eyes upon... So please... My sweet darkened monarch... Tell me, what in immortal hell drove you to peirce your beautiful skin with this... Sinful blade..."
•You just flopped limply into his chest, sobbing
•You couldn't even speak, so he lifted you up and sat down with you in his arms while sitting in bed
•"Speak only when the words come to you, my dear... I will wait an eternity..."
•He pet your hair gently, until you eventually explained everything
•He vowed to banish all those who had hurt you to the nether realms.
•At this point, the Devas came back. Gundham explained everything to them
•Now that you had calmed down some, having the little (and one lorge) Devas snuggling up to you was actually quiet nice
•This was a long one,,,, sorry man i just love gundham he's my favorite <3

•Immediately took the blade away when he saw you
•He refused to let his brightest hope be darkened by such despair
•He pulled you into a hug
•He started crying, he had struggled with self harm in the past, and was terrified to see you go down the same path
•"D...Darling... Darling dear, my sweet angel of hope.... Please.... Don't do t-this... I love you too much... D-did I do something?! I-I'm sorry... I-I did something...."
•You calmed him down, still crying yourself, he calmed down and started comforting you.
•You told him everything,
•He barely could fall asleep that night, just holding you in his arms

•He didn't understand
•He couldn't understand
•He just held you in a strong embrace, begging you not to leave the world like this
•Poor baby thought you where going to die because of the slits on your arms
•"G-Gonta so sorry he could no protect Y/N.... Gonta... Gonta no want to l-lose Y/N like this... Gonta will hold Y/N forever if that is what Y/N need!"
•He was basically sobbing, and who could really blame him
•He just held you, you explained your pain, he promised to keep you safe forever.

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•It was one of the few times you saw him truly panic and loose composure, he grasped your arms and wrapped them up
•Held you in a tight, smothering embrace
•Was afraid to let you go, terrified that he would lose you
•"My beauty... Please, do not do this to yourself... Who... Who on earth hurt you in a way that would bring you to such... Self destruction...."
•You cried into his chest and explained, he just gripped you closer
•He sat down with you on the bed
•He took his mask off, kissing your forehead gently
•"g...Get some rest, Beautiful... I won't let anyone hurt you..."
•He barely left your side for the next week

•Threw the blade away as soon as he saw you, almost accidentally cutting his own hand in the process
•Hugged you close, whispering "not you too" over and over
•"Please... Y/N, my love... There's so much I have yet to show you... So much I still want to do with you, so much I want to see with you... I made a promise to myself... That I would protect those I love with my goddamn life.... And I'll be damned if I break that promise now... What happened? Did someone hurt you? Please... Tell me..."
•Tears where welling in those green eyes of his, they where filled with worry
•You leaned against him, telling him everything
•You had been made fun of and been told that you "weren't good enough" for Rantaro
•He kissed your cheek, sighing softly
•"You're not good enough for me? Love, you're too good for me... I don't understand why or how you ever decided to be with a guy like me... But.... Everyday I wake up thankful that you're with me... I want you to have a reason to wake up happy every day as well... Allow me to be that reason... Please..."
•His words startled you, your head sunk into his sweater, nodding a bit.
•He brought you to bed, snuggling up to you
•Despite the fact that you had calmed down greatly, he was still unable to sleep, fearing that you wouldn't be there when he woke up
•He was afraid to leave you alone for a long time after that

•He had gotten home early and heard you crying in the bedroom
•He went inside, freezing for a moment when he saw your bloody arms and legs
•Crouched down beside you, forcing you to look up at him
•When your eyes met his you expected him to look angry or betrayed, but he just looked scared.
•He carefully bandaged your arms and legs, then just pulled you into a hug
•"I'm not letting you carry... Whatever burden is causing this... alone... Tell me everything, please... The stars above call to us... But you can't reach them if you have something weighing you down like this, I want to help you... Please. My sweet aurora...."
•You curl up in his lap, he ran a hand up and down your back as you mumbled out a rant about everything that had happened
•He sighed after your rant
•"I want to lift you above all these issues... Let my love for you be your shield from all that is going wrong, I want to protect you... Will you let me?"
•You nodded softly, your face sinking into his chest
•You where tired out after crying and all the emotions you just felt
•He brought you to bed, laying you down and sitting beside you
•He made sure to keep an eye on you for a while after that

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