Chapter Twenty Three

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Elena's POV:

I stared at the phone in disbelief. I did not want to leave the man that I love alone when he needs me to stand with him. I had always wanted to see him healed; leaving him at this moment would not give me the satisfaction to see him happy.

With shaking hands, I called my dad. He was my last resort.

He picked up my call on the first ring. I could hear the sound of the chatter making me realize he was in a meeting.

"Hello, dad. Can we talk?" I said.

I heard him excusing himself.

"Where are you, Elena? I am sending the driver right now, you need to come back home today. And I need a good explanation from you." He said.

I felt my heart drop, my hands started to sweat. I love my dad but he sounded upset.

"Are you listening to me?"

I cleared my throat and decided to make my point clear.

"Dad, I am perfectly fine. I am with some of my friends and we are planning to come back tomorrow."

"I don't know about these friends, your brothers seem to have no idea about these friends."

"I'm an adult, dad. Please, stop treating me like a child. I can pick my friends," I said.

"You left with them by lying to us," he said.

"I will tell you everything about these friends when I come back. I promise you. Please, let me stay with them today."

I knew I sounded like a spoilt brat. I heard him sigh.

"I want you back here tomorrow then we will talk about this," he said.

He did not say goodbye and ended the call. I noticed how he did not call me a princess during the whole conversation, not even once.

I turned off my phone and went to the bathroom. I stripped down my clothes, turned on the shower, and let the tears fall.

I felt sad for making my parents worry about me. After the incident that happened with Ben, they had become overprotective, especially Brandon. Madeline told me that the incident had scared him; he always had a fear of losing loved ones and now he was more paranoid.

I washed my hair blocking every thought. After I was done, I turned off the shower and picked the towel to wrap my hair in it. I put on the bathrobe, went out of the bathroom, and found Jake sitting on the bed.

"So you came here to check on me, huh?" I said trying to hide my face.

I sat down in front of the mirror and plugged the hairdryer. I started to dry my hair while he just watched me silently.

I knew he could feel it. He knew something was wrong.

Lost in my thoughts, I dried my hair then brushed them. I got up and walked to him. He grasped my hand and pulled me on the bed. I fell on the bed directly beside him.

He nuzzled his nose in my neck making me shiver.

"You smell delicious," he whispered.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" I teased him.

"Do I even need to seduce you for anything?" He asked with a cocky smirk.

I slapped his arm lightly.

"Don't act so smug, I can resist your charms," I said.

"Are you sure?" He asked hovering above me.

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