Chapter 39

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"Is she awake?"

I cough dust out of my lungs, causing my headache to throb painfully.

Where am I? ...W-Who said that?

A slender hand pulls back the curtain, light shining in. I shield my eyes, wincing.

The curtain falls back in place and the room darkens again.

"So you are up."

I open my eyes.

The girl kneeling in front of me runs a shaking hand through her hair, in an absolute mess. Her complexion seems unusually pale, and her eyes sparkle with tears.

Is that...

"...Luna?" I reach out towards her.

She smiles weakly. "I'm relieved that you're... alive. Honestly, I thought you were gonna-" her voice grows quiet. "-die."

The break in her voice tugs at my heartstrings. "You worried... about me?"

"I always do, Sunshine."

Luna pulls me into a sudden hug and uses her arms to squeeze me tightly.

Now that she's pressed against me, I notice that she's shaking. I pull her even closer to me, and realize... just how fragile she is, her warm body wrapped up in mine.

She pulls away weakly. "I-I was, just—" her voice breaks. "I was so scared for you."

Even though I feel achy, I brush her tears away and assure her, "I'm okay now."

"What a blessing." She smiles gently and leans in, perhaps, for a kiss?


"Sorry, did I interrupt?"

I jolt back, slamming my head into the concrete wall behind me.

Oliver raises his eyebrows, wearing a surprised expression.

You're surprised? Well, I'll be surprised if you reform One Direction, you little shit.

Oliver genuinely smiles for a moment, catching me off guard.

His smile looks... familiar.

"You good?"

I look up at him, flustered.

He sighs and holds up a black dress. "Anyway, if you could try this on. You need something more appropriate to wear for Alex's... event."

Dread glooms over me as I sigh.

How could I have forgotten?

Alex is dead.

Luna takes the dress out of his hand and closes the curtain. "Uh, we'll be out in a minute."

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