we'll get through this

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"No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together."

It was not to the sound of the birds chirping, or the lovely melody of someone humming a tune beneath their breath, that Thea awoke to. But rather, the sound of someone choking.

Groaning at the overwhelming pounding of her head, she felt sickness rising in her throat as awareness began to creep back in. It felt like she'd taken a sledgehammer to the face, or one of Luther's punches... she scrunched her eyes tight, desperately wanting to return to the peaceful ignorance of unconsciousness.

'She's waking up.' ... 'Wonder what took so long.' ... 'Finally...' ... 'Now we can get some real answers.' ... 'Let's see if this one will talk.'

Shaking her head at the sudden influx of voices, Thea tried to swallow back the urge to throw up. The pain was making it difficult to concentrate on blocking anything out, and the stimuli of multiple people's minds invading her own was too much. Where was she? What was going on?

'Oh god. Please be okay. Please, please...'

That voice in particular caught her attention and Thea's eyes snapped open in a sudden, startling awareness. "Klaus!" she gasped, blinking back stars.

As her vision cleared, she almost cried at the sight which greeted her. Klaus, practically naked and tied with thick rope to a chair, blood dripping down his sweaty face and body grimy. His eyes were wide open and focused intently on her, alight with a mixture of fear and stark relief.

Naturally Thea attempted to move closer to him, to comfort her brother, but she frowned as she realised that she couldn't move. Looking down at her body, the realisation slowly dawned on her that she too was bound. Frowning in confusion, she could only see that she was undressed, covered only by her underwear and bra, her hair a tangled, curled mess. 

When she tried to move again, a shooting pain caused her to hiss in frustration. Both her ankles and wrists were tightly bound to the chair, her shoulder sore from how far back they were pulled behind her. When she opened her mouth to speak, her head spun as she was quite violently slapped across the face.

One of the two figures wearing a mask crouched down so that she could clearly hear their voice. 

"Listen up, missy. We're sick and tired of your brother and his games, so now it's your turn." They held a gun, clearly signalling that they weren't afraid to escalate the violence if necessary. "Where's the boy?"

Blinking, Thea tried to focus on the mask. It was the same one as the night before. Hot pink, wide eyes. Dog mask. But while she recognised the mask, she didn't understand the question.

"Huh?" she muttered stupidly, only to gasp as she was slapped again.

Klaus was kicking up a fuss across from them, shouting at them to stop.

Dog mask ignored him, focused intently on Thea. "I said, where is the boy?"

Thea struggled to follow the line of conversation as her head felt like it was pounding right against her skull. She blinked a few more times before answering slowly, enunciating every syllable. "What boy?"

The masked figure gripped her chin harshly, voice rough. "Your brother. That boy."


"Five?" Thea asked in confusion, uncomprehending. "What do you want with Five?"

"That's none of your business," they snapped, dropping her face, and rising from the floor to loom above her. "Now, just tell us where he is and you can both go free."

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