secrets come out

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"Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters

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"Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters."

Wednesday, 11:15 am (...again?)

The living room was empty and Thea found herself alone and nursing a whiskey. It was sadly becoming a common occurrence and the blonde wondered if the years of isolating herself from the outside world had finally done its work on her. She had no friends, not outside of her family. God, that's a depressing reality.

Her existential musings were interrupted, however, when there was a flash of lighting, a crack in the air and a sudden glare of blue behind her eyes. Thea flinched back as a body fell onto the bar top, sending the glass shattering in all directions.

"Five!?" she exclaimed, staring at the boy who lay upon the bar top, face-down and clutching a dusty briefcase in his hands. She rushed forward to pull him from the wreck, eyes raking over his form for any signs of injuries. "What the hell? Was the front door too convenient?"

He groaned, looking around with narrowed eyes. "What time is it?"

A sense of deja-vu washed over her, but Thea obediently looked at the clock above the mantlepiece. "Eleven-fifteen in the morning. Why?"

"Huh, three hours late, but it'll do." He shrugged off the shards of glass from his blazer, ruffling his hair from dust. "Call the others," he said, tone stern. "We need a family meeting. Now."

Bewildered and confused, Thea could only nod in deference. Scurrying away to do exactly as he said. When Five spoke like that, she knew to save the questions for later.

. . .

"So, what you're saying is that the apocalypse is in three days and the only chance at saving the world is... well, us?"

The rest of the family stared blankly at Five, absorbing Thea's words. Five had wasted no time in getting right down to business, explaining their dire situation in simple words so that even the most simple-minded of them could understand. Suffice to say, the Hargreeves siblings look a little put-out at having the fate of the entire world on their shoulders.

Truly, superheroes could never rest.

"The Umbrella Academy..." Luther murmured, seemingly on the same wave-length. "Didn't you already say that we failed?" he asked Five.

"Yes. But that time you were severely underpowered. This time, you have me."

"Underpowered?" Allison scoffed, rolling her eyes at the boy's overconfidence. Nothing had changed much. "Are you kidding? If we lost with Thea on our side, then I doubt a child is going to make much difference."

Five sent her a mutinous glare but was interrupted before he could descend into a flurry of colourful language.

"I don't understand?" Thea said, eyes wide in confusion. "What's changed? Did you find something whilst you were away?"

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