missing sister

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"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

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"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

It was the light shining in through the open window that woke her from slumber. Thea squinted, holding a hand up against the sun and then smiled at the promise of a warm day. When she moved every muscle in her body protested at once and she winced at the sore ache in her neck. Her arm, too, felt weird, like it didn't belong to her body and she flexed her fingers to try and return some feeling into them. Sleeping draped over Five's bed hadn't been the smartest idea, and now Thea felt very much her age.

Seeing her brother, silent and unmoving on the bed save for his shallow breathes, Thea leant down and pressed a kiss to his forehead, smoothing back to the damp hair. Good morning, Five. His brow creased in sleep and she muffled a laugh, finding the scrunched expression on his face adorable.

She stood and stretched, groaning in satisfaction as her back popped. She was hungry and could murder for a coffee, so deciding to head downstairs to scrounge around the kitchen for something edible she quietly left the room, sending one last look at her sleeping brother.

Not since yesterday, before their trip, had she seen Klaus, either and Thea wanted to make sure that he was alright. She'd let him have his space yesterday, comforted after their heart-to-heart that he would no longer hide things from her. I need to try calling Vanya, too...

After yesterday's revelation she was concerned about her sister, anxious about the newly-revealed Harold Jenkins' influence on her. Vanya wasn't stupid, far from it. But Thea knew that her sister was vulnerable in her loneliness and was liable to be a little gullible when people gave her attention.

Not that I can really judge, she huffed, still salty about being blind sighted by Harold. How had she not recognised the malicious intent behind those dark eyes? I'll never forgive myself if something happens to her...

Thea first made a diversion to the phone hung upon the bedroom hallway, dialling in the memorised number and waiting anxiously for a response. When the tone beeped and Vanya's timid voice asked if she could leave her name and message, she sighed. No luck. Why am I not surprised.

"Vanya," she said into the phone, gripping it tightly. "It's Thea. I know this is sudden and all, but I was worried about you. Can you please call me back as soon as possible? It's..." she paused, deciding whether to say it or not, before continuing. "It's about Ha– Leonard." A longer pause. "Please, Vanya. Call me... I love you."

With that she hung up. Pressing her head against the phone. What was going on? The world was going to end in a matter of days and still, her family was in tatters, scattered.

"Now, that's no face to be wearing on such a sunny day!" Klaus exclaimed, strolling into the hallway with a swaggering gait. He was ringing a little golden bell, the clanging sound obnoxious in the morning silence. "Wakey, wakey. Eggs and Bakey!"

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