Chapter: 46

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Finally everybody was serious again.

Jin: okay so.. you all can stay.. but don't tell anyone else!

Jungkook: yeah.. sure.

Jin: okay so we are just looking here for maybe clues about those green eyed. So if you find anything just tell us.

Jimin: and so this room is empty?

Jin: well.. yeah? If you didn't find anything.

V: nope only these cool spikes and some weapons.

Jimin: and we found a few dead bodies, I wonder what they are doing here.

Jin: I- let's go to the next room.

Jin walked out of the room and you four followed.

Jimin and Jungkook walked in front of you and V next to you.

V: so.. your name is Y/N?

Y/N: huh? Why are you asking?

V: oh hehe just wondering..

Y/N: are you okay?

V: yeah.. why wouldn't I?

Y/N: your acting.. weird.

V: don't I always?

Y/N: .. yeah that's true.

Jin: and don't play around guys it's serious.

Jin opened again a room.

V: not a bedroom.

Jin: I was jus about to say that.

You looked inside.

It was indeed not a bedroom but there was a table and many books laying around it.

Jin: welp.. better start reading.

Jungkook: aish are you serious?

Jimin: I'm with Jungkook. You seriously want us to read?

V just walked to the books and began picking up some.

He looked at them for a few seconds and then laid them back.

You whispered to Jungkook.

Y/N: *whisper* don't you think V is acting strange?

Jungkook: *whisper* yeah. I wonder what happened.

Jin just walked also to the books and started looking.

You and Jungkook did the same.

Jin: yah Jimin! Come and help.

Jimin: I didn't come here to just read some books.

Jin: aish!

V: be quiet!

Everybody stopped talking.

Jungkook: *whisper* yup.. very strange.

You were all looking for a while in all the books.

You didn't find anything interesting.

Most of the books were about just fairy tails or just normal tales.

Some had drawings or sketches of weird creatures.

Y/N: *thinks* I wonder.. what these drawings are.

You turned a page of one of the many books that had sketches.

Y/N: *thinks* wait.. isn't that.

Y/N: *thinks* that bird

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Y/N: *thinks* that bird.. that Jackson guy flew on.

Jungkook: did you find something?

Y/N: *whispers* sort of.. I remember this bird. It was in that world.

Jungkook grabbed the book.

Jungkook: *whispers* I'll take it with us. Maybe it will come in handy.

Then all of a sudden a book was thrown against Jungkooks head.

We both looked at where it came from.

Jimin was trying to tell us to come over.

We kneeled down next to Jimin.

Y/N: *whispers* what did you find?

Jimin pointed at one of the pictures in the book.

Jimin: *whispers* that's us, Jungkook.

Jungkook looked at the picture.

Jungkook: *whispers* yeah your right. But who are all those others? Is this some sort of school picture?

Jimin: *whispers* I'll take this book and ask the others when we go back.

You left Jimin and Jungkook and walked to V.

Y/N: did you find anything..?

V: can you go?! Can't you see I'm busy?!

Y/N: sorry.

You walked away and looked at some other books again.

You picked up one of the books and opened it.

It looked like some sort of diary.

You tried to get Jin's attention.

Jin noticed and walked over to you.

Jin: *whispers* what is it?

You handed him the book.

Y/N: *whispers* it looks like some kind of dairy.

Jin looked through it a little and then handed it back to you.

Jin: we'll look at it later again. Take it with you.

You nod.

Then all of a sudden a hand grabbed the book away.

You looked up at the person.

V: I'll take that thank you.

Y/N: yah V give that back!

V: no it's mine now.

Jin: V stop playing around this is important.

Jimin & Jungkook: what's going on?

V jumped back to make a space between him and us.

Jin: V give it now!

V: why should I?

Jungkook: V stop it, I've already had enough of how you are acting these past hours.

Jimin: hand whatever you have over.

V hold the book up.

V: want it? Then come get it.

Jimin walked towards him.

But all of a sudden the ground beneath him began to fall down.

He quickly walked backwards.

There was now a giant gap between V and you all.

Jin: V cut it out! It's dangerous.

V: hah! Your telling me? To cut it out?

He started to laugh like crazy.

Almost like a psycho.

V: your all so dumb.

He moved his free hand to his face.. and...

Hehe sorry if this chapter is maybe short but I had a lack of sleep lately so I didn't have much time to write.

Have a blessed day 💜

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