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As soon as Lisa was out of the bathroom, Jennie immediately picked up her towel and her bathing supplies to get into the bathroom while telling her that her outfit was on the bed. She knew that Lisa would freak as soon as she saw the brand, and she would rather not be there when she did.

The last time she tried to do something nice for the girl was when she intended to let the girl ‘borrow’ her sweater for some time until she got back because it seemed like she had taken quite a liking to it. But no, apparently her sweater was too ‘expensive’ and Lisa thought that she would be too clumsy to not somehow do something to ‘damage’ them. Jennie did try to convince her that it was okay either way because she had a few more of it back home. But in the end, it took Jennie Kim a whole argument and a dozen of kisses until she finally relented and agreed to take them home.

It was a new thing for her that someone didn’t immediately grab whatever she offered in an instant. In a world where anybody who suddenly tried to get close to her wanted something from her, Lisa was somebody that she had consciously let in, but still refused to take anything she gave for granted. This was one of the dozen of reasons why she was willing to go to such great lengths just to see her again.

At the moment, Jennie hadn’t heard any sound so far from behind the door. She didn’t know whether it was a good or a bad thing. After she had dried her hair and wrapped the towel around her body, she walked out of the bathroom as she braced herself for the earful that she sure would get from the girl.

But imagine her surprise when instead of finding a grumpy girl with her hands crossed and feet tapping the floor in a frustrated manner, she found the girl sitting on the bed and humming to herself as she swung her legs back and forth.

Jennie tried to be as loud as possible when she closed the bathroom door. As far as she could see, the girl looked so beautiful in the dress. But she wanted to fully see her standing up. And right on cue, she noticed the clicking of the bathroom door closing and picked up her head to then look at her smiling.

“Hey,” she greeted. “You're finally done.” She granted Jennie’s wish and stood up from the bed to get closer to her.

James had clearly picked the right dress. She should give that guy a day off when she got back.

Lisa looked absolutely amazing. With her hair that she let down in their natural wavy state and her lips adorning a vibrant red color down to her very long legs being shown by the dress only reaching her mid-thigh, Jennie was starting to be afraid to take her out.

“You're staring,” she noted with a smirk.

And despite the tint of red forming on her cheeks, Jennie unabashedly gave the girl a once-over one more time before she finally averted her eyes. “You're gorgeous,” she flattered.

“Well I would be mad if I wasn’t while wearing thousands-of-dollars dress.” Lisa smirked.

Jennie looked down in shame. “Well, about that…”

“It’s okay, really.” She was cut off. “I asked James about it and he told me that you've actually been preparing this night for a long time and that you’ve been looking forward to it. I should at least try to accept to wear this dress even if it’s for tonight only, right?”

“Right,” she nodded along. James definitely had earned himself a vacation to Bahamas from her. She made a mental note to discuss it with him later.

“So, what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you putting on your clothes yet?” the youngster asked her in confusion. Her head was tilted slightly and her brows were furrowed.

“What?” she exclaimed. “With you here? No way. You get inside the bathroom and wait for me there,” she instructed.

“Wait. Hold on. Why should I even go to the bathroom to wait for you? I've seen it all. There’s nothing left for you to hide from me. Jeez.” Lisa shook her head.

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