Chapter: 47

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V putted his hand on his face.

His hair slowly started to change.

And you saw that his face form also changed a little.

He then slowly removed his hand.

He then slowly removed his hand

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Jimin: wait.. you that guy! That was.. eh wait.. I forgot what I wanted to say.

Jungkook: that guy in the other world.. who changed into Jin..

Jin: Jinyoung..

Jinyoung: haha you seem to know a few things already.

Jinyoung: but thanks for the book.

Jin: how are you here?

Jinyoung: hmm.. what shall I say.. ask that girl there.. Y/N right?

Jin looked at you.

Jungkook: wait if.. you were V.. WHERE IS V?!

Jinyoung: *laughs*

Jungkook jumped over the whole gap in the ground between him and Jinyoung.

He grabbed his throat.

Jungkook: WHERE IS HE?!

Jinyoung: *still laughs*

Jungkook threw him against the wall.

Jinyoung seemed to be very hurt but he was still laughing.

Jungkook grabbed him by his collar.

Jungkook: I'll ask one more time WHERE IS V?

Jin: Jungkook stop it!

Jungkook seemed to calm down a little.

But he didn't let go of his collar.

Jinyoung: I guess that's enough fun for me for today.

Jinyoung disappeared in thin air.

Jungkook punched the ground.

The gap in the ground slowly disappeared and Jin immediately rushed to Jungkook.

You also wanted to walk to him but Jimin grabbed your arm.

Jimin: what did he mean by "ask that girl"?

Y/N: I.. I don't know..

Jimin: are you sure?

Y/N: I swear I don't know! The only thing they told me is something that the mirror isn't the only entrance! Nothing else!

Jimin: ... wait..

Jin: YAH! Cmon let's get out of here!

Jimin: *sighs* I'll tell ya later.

Jimin walked to Jungkook and let go of your arm.

Jungkook, Jin and Jimin finally walked to the door and you just silently walked after them.

Y/N: *thinks* is it my fault V is.. gone..?

Jin: it isn't your fault Y/N.

You looked up.

Jin petted your head.

Jin: you didn't do anything wrong so you shouldn't blame yourself.

You just looked down.

Jin walked after Jimin and Jungkook to probably the normal part of the house.

You silently walked after them.

Y/N: *thinks* first Jin.. now V..

You were back in the normal part of the house.

And you four immediately stumbled upon rm.

Rm: where have you four bin al day? And what's with those books?

Jin: we were.. just walking around and found a few books in the halls and wanted.. to put them back in the library.

Jin: anyway I need to talk with you.

Jin putted his arm around his shoulder and walked away.

Jungkook walked away without saying a single word.

Jimin turned to you.

Jimin: okay if I'm correct you said that the mirrors aren't the only way in.

Y/N: yes.

Jimin: well the theory I came up with was. We destroyed all the mirrors right?

You nod.

Jimin: well in my head.. I think..

"that that set them free"

Jesus I am tired as hell!😹

But what if Jimin is right? If that really set them free?

Have a good day my lovely readers 💜

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