Chapter Twenty Four

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Elena's POV:

I felt warm fingers running up and down on my bare arm sending shivers to my spine. I slapped the hand away and groaned when they came back again on my arm to make slow sensual circles.

"Come on, princess, wake up," Jake whispered running his nose on my cheek to my jaw.

"No...I want to sleep more," I mumbled feeling annoyed.

"That's bad because I want you to wake up. It's nine in the morning and your dad has been calling you for a while," he whispered.

My eyes snapped open and I sat up on the bed with wide-awake eyes. I picked my phone from the nightstand and checked it. I didn't find any missed calls from my dad.

I glared at Jake and he started to laugh. I picked the pillow to smother him with it. "You are a lair," I said suffocating him and he just laughed harder.

I loved the sound of his loud and carefree laugh; it had been long since I saw him this happy.

I was sitting on him in a straddling position with a pillow in my hand.

"I'm sorry. Please, spare my life, I beg you," he requested stifling his laughter.

"No, you deserve to be tortured after waking me up from my precious sleep," I said trying to smother him again with the pillow.

He gripped my waist and flipped me on back; he covered my body with him to stop me from struggling.

"Who spends their vacation sleeping for ten hours?" He asked with a raised eyebrows.

I slapped his shoulder playfully and said, "I do. I love sleeping, unlike some other people."

"Why did you panic when I told you that your dad called?" He asked curiously.

I sighed knowing that I had to tell him the truth now.

"Dad wants me to come back home today," I said.

"Why? Is everything fine there?" He asked in a panic.

I cupped his face and kissed his cheek. "Yes, everything is great. Anna and Sharon had to cut their trip short because of heavy snow and they are back in Boston."

"Your parents know that you are not with them." He said with wide eyes.

I pursed my lips together. "Yes. They know I am not with them. The good thing is, they don't know I am with you," I teased him.

He sighed and rested his head on mine. "I guess it's the right time to come clean."

"I will tell them everything, don't worry," I said stroking his lower lip with my thumb.

His eyes instantly lit up with desire at my touch.

"We will tell them everything. I know your parents will understand," he said.

"I want to do it alone, Jake. I'll talk to my parents, don't worry." I said.

He sighed and didn't argue with me on that.

"I trust you to handle everything. But I want you to promise me that Brandon wouldn't kill me after hearing the truth." He kissed my fingertips.

I laughed and said, "I promise you, I would not let him kill you. He will have to go through me first to get you."

Jake removed himself from me and placed his head on the pillow.

"Are you ready to meet my family as my boyfriend?" I asked curiously.

"I will never be ready. I do not know how they are going to react. They trusted me and I lied to them." He whispered.

I rolled my eyes at his words. "You sound like, you have robbed them."

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