the others Kasey pov

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I woke up to a bright green light beaming onto my body. I let my eyes adjust and looked to the ceiling. "I think she's waking up" I heard Ricky say. I slowly sat up right looking around the room, there were six people in all counting me. The light above me faded which made me turn around catching a pair of neon green eyes. "Where are we" I asked standing up and walking to Jalen. "We're at the base of area 51 where we were created" a deep voice said behind me. I turned my head and caught a bright pair of Orange eyes. I made a flame in my hand and concentrated on making the room bright, the flame started to get brighter as it floated towards the ceiling. The whole room came into as the flickering light beamed onto the walls. The walls were a dark tan, there was a door but it had no handle on it. On the other side of the room was a little girl and a older girl, the younger girl had silver eyes and the older girl had neon green eyes. "How are we gonna get out of here, can anyone teleport?" I asked aloud. "No the boy with the orange eyes said. "Then we need a plan, what are you guy's powers" Ricky said stepping from out of the corner. "I can control water,ice, and walk through walls my name is Jalen" Jalen said raising his hand a little. "I can create fire and compel my name is Kasey" I said. "I can run fast, have super hearing, and can make create lighting my names Alexis" the little girl said walking to where Ricky was and holding his hands. "I can heal, blow things up and control earthy names Dani" the girl said. "I can move things with my mind, and make force fields but I cant control it yet my names Ricky" Ricky said. "What about you, whats you power" I said to the boy with orange eyes. "I have super strength, can shoot acid, and see in the dark; my names Kam" he said. "There is another one of us but they keep him on the top floor" Kam said.

I need help coming up with the last character help meeee

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