xi. drunk confessions

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A/N: okay Becca is totally a clone of Tove Lo.

I have had the biggest crush on Enrique Iglesias...and Tove Lo since forever. Being bi sucks lmao...

"I love you, Jake! I love you..." I yelled into his face with a wide smile on mine own.

"Jack," The blonde man yelled back out,"How drunk are you?" He laughed with me and I shook my head at him, letting my hands loop around his neck and my body flush against his front, grinding our hips together.

"I'm not drunk!" I felt myself say, pressing my thighs shut together. I desperately wanted to pee but I knew if I broke the seal then I was just going to spend the entire night going back and forth from drinking to standing in the long queue in front of the washroom.

"Rebecca...." I looked up into his blue eyes as he looked down at me, his hands resting on my hips. "This was a bad idea."

I nodded with him. Dancing in a sea of hot, sweaty bodies in a nightclub where every man was grinding against your ass wasn't the best idea, obviously but I had to do something. I had to get myself distracted from my life just for a couple of hours.

"I know..." I sighed out, shaking my head at him. "I am going to get another drink..." I muttered out, moving past him to squeeze myself through the people and found myself sitting next to the empty stool next to Ralph.

"Hey boss..." He smiled slightly at me as he raised his glass of whiskey up to his lips. "What are you doing here all alone?"

We had won one of the major cases today- thanks to Ralph once again and he had brought his two favourite colleagues, that of course being Prince Jack and my old self, out for drinks in one of the nearest clubs that his cousin apparently owned and hence, we didn't have to wait in the long line and were being given VIP treatment, which meant: free alcohol. I was definitely getting my ass wasted tonight.

"I don't really like to rub my dick against women, to be honest..." He slurred out, laughing under his breath. I suddenly noticed how red his cheeks were and realized he was absolutely wasted. "Although, Jack over there looks like a total meal. I wouldn't mind fūcking his brains out...Too bad he is straight."

I followed his eyes to where Jack was. It really wasn't pleasant looking at men grinding their hips in the air awkwardly while flailing their arms around while they were all sweaty and stinky but apparently Jack somehow made even that look good.

"Back off, hoe..." I growled at Ralph with a loud laugh,"He is mine!"

It took me four seconds to realize that I had just called my boss a...hoe.

"I am sorry. Fūck, I didn't mean to say that!" I gasped out, my eyes widening as he looked at me, amused. "Nah Bex, you good. It's okay. I am a hoe."

I smiled at him, shrugging,"Guess what? Me too!" A giggle escaped my lips as I high-fived him. I couldn't even believe that a couple of months ago, I was lusting after Ralph who suddenly seemed like the gay bestfriend I had always wanted. "I am a fūcking hoe!"

I grabbed onto the glass in his hand, snatching it to down the remaining liquid in one go,"Hey!" He protested, trying to push me away but before he could do so, I lowered the glass down, making it clink against the counter. "Fūck, that does not taste good..." I groaned, my tongue coming out of my mouth in distaste. "Why the fūck do you drink that again?"

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