Chapter: 49

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Mark: so what will it be?

Y/N: why.. why are you asking me this?

Y/N: what is so important about me?!

Mark walked closer to you.

He grabbed you hand and putted the book in it.

Mark: read it when you want.. the answers are inside.

He then slowly started walking backwards.

Y/N: wait what is going to happen to Suga and Jimin? And where is V?!

He did nothing but just laugh.

Y/N: yah!

You ran towards him but he disappeared before you could even reach him.

You looked at the book he gave you.

It was just a old book.

You hesitantly opened the book.

The first page was just blank.

Then all of a sudden text appeared.

"You want to know"

The text then disappeared.

Y/N: what?

"If you want to know follow my instructions"

The text again disappeared.

Y/N: how can I trust a book I just got from someone who kidnapped my friends?!

"Are they really your friends? Or are you just their food"

Y/N: what do you know.

"I know more then you think Y/N"

"Now walk forward"

You closed the book.

Y/N: *thinks* should.. I go back to tell Jin.. no.. he would only yell at me for going back here..

Y/N: *thinks* and asking the others.. no.. maybe they will also get in danger..

Y/N: I should at least go back..

Y/N: *thinks* wait.. but what if something happens to them if I don't go.. 

Y/N: aish!

You looked again at the book.

And then back at where to door to this hallway was supposed to be.

But.. the door..

Is gone.

Y/N: *thinks* maybe illusion? Aish I'm getting sick of this.

You looked again at the book.

You opened it again.

Y/N: what is going to happen to Jimin, Suga and V?

"Why do you want to know?"

Y/N: because I care about them.

"They will be killed"

Y/N: how do I know your not lying?

"How do I know if you care for them?"

Y/N: you said you knew everything about me.

"I could say whatever I want and anyone would believe it"

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