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This is just great!

I know that witch will be mad at me again.Knowing her reaction makes me feel better like I get to have my revenge back on her.

But there is still a consequence to my actions ,it will drive her mad at me again. Honestly I'm sick of this cycle,my life is just not normal like the other kids out there.Its hell.

"You did it again C hahaha I know this is really fun but getting detained again in this damn place again, oh come on"

"Whut? Your still getting used to it besides it's cool too, we don't have to pretend listening to the lessons and get bored right"

"Right but in Disciplinary office seriously? It's more boring here"

"Then go back to that room while I sleep here"

"Tss" as she roll her eyes to me.I rolled my eyes to her too.Sometimes
I want to poke out her eyeballs like marshmallows.
Actually I really don't want to be here but I don't know I just snap and boom I released my anger to the poor chairs and walls in our room,paint it like my life depends on it and to tell you what, while I'm doing that I felt that it's my first masterpiece that I enjoy a lot,like a lot.

And I think I made our room beautiful
That they should be thankful to me atleast they're not doing the job decorating with such boring colors that can make my eyes droopy and sleepy with its white walls.

And why I'm with this b*tch is an amusing one. This is what happen.
I'm an early bird so I arrived first in the room then I just make my masterpiece and I don't know that the school will provide my materials so it's actually their fault that they place it where it's visible to everyone especially my eyes, but in the middle of it my friend here decided to barged with my masterpiece and ruined it.
Amazing how she always blame me for everything that done by her.

I sighed to her and just stare at the wall in front of me and this how that witch will react to this.This will take all of her time and sue me for sure. And I don't give a damn about it. She's just being a MOTHER to me anyways and any mother would do this for their own kids sake.

I turn my attention to the door when Mrs.Agenta came in. She stood in front of us and looked at us disappointed. I'm used to that look though.

"Your mom is here kell I already talked to her you may go now but please for the hundredth time don't do this again" she stated calmly at her I wanna laugh cause I know kell will only turn worst. I just shake my head and watch kell as she nods at her and smile like an angel "Yes I won't I promise" and she grins widely that made me want to burst out laughing at her poor acting skills.

Mrs.Agenta stare at her then nod and tell her to go home now. She now turn her attention towards me and eyed me expectantly. That stare is for explaining.

"I'm sure that we already talked about this Casey"

"Uh huh and I'm sure that you already know why I'm doing this and it's just for fun y'know"

"Fun is a good word but it seems as though you have a different vocabulary to it"

I looked down to my feet I don't want her to look at me with pity again. As I face her the door opens and it revealed my mother who's looking at me with disgust.


Updated again by me, sorry for mistakes and I just want you to know that I'm just writing this for fun ^_^.


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