Chapter 16 - Conspiracy Theorist

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24th April 2311 19:02 EST - Glorified bodyguards, that's what they were!

Jason's first official mission as a member of the Blue Ravens was to attend an elaborate dinner as a security detail in Europa's capital Agartha. The dinner was an extremely elaborate affair but hardly one that seemed necessary to have the USM's elite fighting force attending.

It also meant that the armour the team were wearing was somewhat unconventional. It was a ceremonial uniform, which while it was quite sturdy it also allowed a certain freedom of movement. The navy blue colour was fitting for the unit but with the helmets being deactivated it meant that all the team faces were visible. It allowed them to be approachable but ready to defend at a moment's notice.

"God, you look pissed!" Donnelly laughed looking toward Jason. Both were standing at the edge of a huge dining room where a number of aristocrats and oligarchs were milling around discussing various topics, mostly politics.

Jason was frowning and certainly wasn't impressed with this assignment. "You wouldn't even think there was a war on! I can not believe that my first assignment with the most elite fighting force in the military, is standing around smiling at people who have far more money than sense! Besides, surely showing our faces like this is a massive security risk."

They both watched as a well-known senator gave his instructions on his buffet choice and as his meal was dispensed almost instantly both Donnelly and Jason screwed up their faces at the excess this man extravagantly showed. The food was piled up to almost overflowing and the value of what was on the plate exceeded what some people could earn in a year. Vadun Shrimps, a delicacy that could only be shipped in from Titan; fresh.

"Bet you that it won't be his first plate!" Joked Donnelly.

Jason took one look at the senator's waist and how it was unlikely that he could see his feet. "I'm not taking that bet!" He chuckled.

Donnelly chuckled with him and then abruptly stopped as Colonel El-Hadji briskly marched into the room. He marched directly up to the two of them as they both stood to attention keeping their eyes focused on nothing in particular.

"The Blue Ravens have a proud tradition of being the most professional fighting force the USM have to offer." Colonel El-Hadji scowled "act professional!"

Jason sighed "Sir, if you don't mind me asking, why is this professional outfit being tasked with babysitting duties?"

Donnelly raised her eyes knowing exactly what was to happen.

The Colonel took a step forward so that he and Jason were looking eye to eye. Standing tall he straightened his uniform and angrily responded "Lieutenant I do mind you asking! If you feel you are unable to do your duty then perhaps you should return to that rookie unit you came from!"

Jason frowned "I meant no disrespect sir, I just feel that the unit would be better utilised elsewhere."

Donnelly coughed knowing that Jason was pushing his luck.

Colonel El-Hadji poked him in the chest "If you question me again Lieutenant, be aware that accidents can even happen to members of the Blue Ravens." There was a darkness in his eyes as he said it. This was not some veiled threat.

"Sir." Jason responded knowing not to push the topic any further.

Looking towards Donnelly and then back to Jason, the Colonel quickly turned around exiting the room as briskly as he had entered it.

"I would suggest you don't antagonise him, Scharn." Donnelly eventually responded as the Colonel had left the room.

The encounter had left a chill down Jason's spine. The Colonel was an intimidating man and his rank added more weight to his terrorizing demeanour. "What does he mean by accidents?" He asked Donnelly.

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