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That kid really disgust me. I don't why God give me this kind of life.When her teacher called me I quickly pack my stuffs then leave the cafe.I just want to have a peaceful day but that kid ruined it again.


I go to Mrs.Agenta and asked her what that brat did do again.
"Hello Ms.Janette we met again,so you see that daughter of yours did something again"

"I'm guessing ,it's terrible right?"

"Well if that's what you think it is then, but I'm sure that kid just doing all of this because she want you to acknowledge her as a daughter"

"I did aren't I , supplying her what she needs and gives her education"

"Being a mother it's not just simple Janette"

"What do you want me to do? You knew that I can't bring myself to like her"

"Well atleast try to accept her. That she didn't need all the things you bought for her she wants your attention, Your love as her mother"

I didn't answer back to her and diverted my attention to the door where that kid is in.

"She's in there right"

"Yes but wait-"
I turned my back on her then walk towards the door while I clenched my fist. That kid disgust me I hate her mere existence.

With force I opened the door and spotted my daughter. I looked at her with disgust and so much hate. I hate that she resembles all of my past. Especially that eyes of her. While she was looking at me I remembered that same orbs that made my life hell.

"What are you doing here........Mom?" She said the last part with a venom in her voice. Well were the same.

"Me? Oh I was just passing by after I heard what you did......again"

"Ah! I'm so sure you will really love it if I showed you my masterpiece"

"You!don't test patience while I still have it"

"Patience? Why wait just do what you want with me" I'm already shaking with anger as I stare at her.

Those emotionless eyes I f*cking wanted to rip it out of her. I walked towards her and grab her right arm.
She quickly hold my hand and push it away.

"Don't touch me I can walk all by myself"

"You little b*tch" I'm just going to hold her again when her teacher cut me off.

"Ms.Janette please don't hurt her" she pleaded to me.

"I'm not going to hurt her I'm just gonna bring her with me" I said to her through gritted teeth. I grip her  arm tightly then walk away. She keeps gripping my arm too to release her arm. I'm pretty sure it's turning red and will have a bruised arm later but I don't care. She deserves this.

"Your hurting me ouch! Release my arm you b*tch"

After she said that I turned my direction at her and slap her.Hard.

"You ungrateful brat! You should thank me cause your still alive because of me"

"Me? Thanking you I will not. Not now not ever!"

"Fine! Then leave. I'm sure you can handle yourself"

"You don't have to tell me"

She snatch her arm again. This time I let her free, I watched her as she run away. This day is so frustrating.

I was startled when my phone rings. Turns out it's one of my co-workers telling me to come at the office. I forgot that I still have a work because of that damn kid.

I'm not doing this again.


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