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"Fuck, fuck, shit, I hate my life," Felix kept mumbling to himself as he practically sprinted down the empty corridor leading to his Physics class.

In the past ten minutes, he'd been to four different classrooms - all of them the wrong ones - and he was really starting to lose faith in his navigation skills, not that he had any to begin with.

One side of his brain - the calm, relaxed side - was telling him that it was because he was new and tried to reassure him that his teacher wouldn't hate him, but the other side of his brain - the frantic, panicked side - was screaming at him, telling him that it didn't matter that he was new. This was university and he was supposed to be responsible for himself now, yet he couldn't even navigate one classroom.

This time, however, he was certain he had taken the right left after Calculus, as he spotted during his sprinting pictures of Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton on the display boards. Felix concluded then for himself that if the next classroom he walked into was the wrong one then he would lock himself in his dorm room and never come out again.

Slowing down, Felix's eyes scanned the name and numbers on the door, looking down at his timetable to compare whether they were the same (he really should've done that for the first four classrooms he stumbled into). Sighing out in relief, Felix's hand reached out for the handle of the door, twisting it and letting the mahogany wood door open with a little push of his hand.

The moment the door opened, all eyes were on him. The lecture hall was definitely almost full, which meant just under two-hundred pairs of eyes were stuck on him, and Felix gulped.

"Lee Felix?" The teacher asked, his monotonous voice actually surprising Felix at first. He looked over at his teacher, a tall-ish man in a burgundy suit and a paintbrush-like moustache who looked like he really didn't want to be here.

Felix bowed down to express his guilt for being late to this scary man's lesson, and he heard the teacher sigh.

"I'm sorry I'm late, sir," the orange-haired boy apologised feebly, standing back upright when the teacher cleared his throat.

"Just go and sit down," Moustache-man replied. "There's a free seat next to Changbin."

Felix looked up into the sea of eighteen to nineteen year-olds in search of this 'Changbin' guy. Luckily, said 'guy' stuck his hand up and waved at Felix, giving the redhead a reassuring kind-of smile that made Felix feel lucky for once.

He began making his way up the staircase of shame to the row where Changbin was sitting, and he shouldn't have been surprised that none of the people already sitting down would stand up or make any effort whatsoever to make the journey to his seat easier for Felix.

The next five seconds were filled with awkward "sorry, excuse me, s-sorry, can I just-"s, and Felix was pretty sure he sighed in relief when he eventually did sit down to this Changbin fellow. Up close, he looked like a pretty nice guy. He had a long face with a very prominent and sloped nose, something that Felix found different. He was attractive but Felix didn't know what made him attractive.

"You're new here, right?" Changbin asked in a hushed whisper, leaning in so their teacher wouldn't hear him.

Felix doubted Moustache-man would hear them from where they were sitting and nodded stiffly.

"I thought so," Changbin replied with a smile so bright, Felix could've sworn he saw the sun in the brunette's teeth. "I've been sitting alone for the past month but I really enjoy talking so this class has been Hell for me."

"I can't relate," Felix whispered back. "I really hate talking to new people - no offence."

"None taken," Changbin grinned again, and Felix felt the corners of his own lips raise into a nervous smile. "You don't mind me talking to you, do you? I can just talk in my head if you want me to."

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