Golden Wonder

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

It had been a couple of days since Rusulka and Tsukiko had their 'fight', and it had been a couple of days since the kitsune had run into people from her guild. It felt weird to see them again, especially the people she saw. Grey, Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Happy. Some of the people she missed the most. She tried to pretend they were not there, to just focus on Rusulka and their 'fight', but of course, it wasn't that easy. They were her previous family, she was so close to them, that she had actually started to reveal pieces of her past, but that didn't matter anymore. The didn't know who she was, and they never would.

It was difficult seeing them, she had gone so long and had become so used to just being by herself, that just seeing her old family tore her apart. She thought she was strong enough to do that so that if she ever had to go back to Magnolia she would be ready. As it turns out, she wasn't ready, after all the training of leaving guilds and the isolation, anyone would have thought it was easy. But Fairy Tail was different, they were a special guild. She had had so many friends in all her previous guilds, but Fairy Tail was about family, they were as close as anything, and so was she. She had tried so hard to grow independent, to grow using what she knew and her survival skills, but still, she couldn't stop missing them. Everything about them. She wanted to turn around and go all the way back, so many times, and yet she carried on forward.

Things just wouldn't stop because of what she wanted, she had to keep going on the path that she had laid out for herself, it was just the way it was. Too many people were involved as is, bringing in a whole guilds worth would just make it even worse. Tsukiko still had to carry out the trials and them she could focus on moving on, that's what she had told herself every day. She wanted to finish the trials and then she could maybe join another guild or do something completely different. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to try something new. Maybe she could open up a magic shop, or something of that like. Maybe she could just leave Earthland altogether and go and live with her brother in their dimension? Maybe she could just live in her childhood home? She didn't have to work all the time, she didn't even have to pay for the house, it had already been all paid for decades ago and everyone who knew about it didn't anymore, it was that old. Rusulka could live with her and she could try to get her brother to finally move in. The only time she would actually have to do anything would be when the trials come up again, but even then that was only every so often.

It sounded like a good idea, but it had its downsides. For one, she was immortal, it would be very depressing to spend the rest of her life away from all the people around. Two, what if something changed, and she was needed to fight against an enemy. Only one person would know where she was, and they could die and then no one would know. Apart from her immortal friends, there was one singular person who knew who she was, but that was it. She needed one mortal to know in case she was desperately needed for something. This person worked for the magic council, and they were sworn to secrecy to not tell anyone else or she would just make them forget her as well, in turn causing the country of Magnolia to loss a large asset to their protection. This was another reason as to why she couldn't leave Earthland. She had to look after her brother and the country if needed.

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