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"You may see me struggle, but you'll never see me quit

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"You may see me struggle, but you'll never see me quit."

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Thea was tying her long blond hair into a messy ponytail as she gazed into the mirror in front of her. She could see Klaus in the background, jumping and hopping on one foot as he tried putting on his sock.

Thea huffed as she tightened her ponytail before turning to her brother who now lay on the floor with his legs stuck in the air.

"How do you manage to trip over nothing?" she asked sarcastically.

"I don't! God is just out to get me, I swear," Klaus whined.

Thea rolled her eyes, "Klaus, if God is real I can promise you he isn't wasting precious time on your idiotic ass. Now get up, we were supposed to be downstairs, like, 5 minutes ago."

"Yeah, yeah, gimme a minute," Klaus muttered as he pulled on his other sock, looking around the messy room for his shoes.

Thea walked over to their bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back, sighing as she saw Klaus' shoes dangling from the shower head.

"Klaus! What did I say about hanging these here?" she shouted.

"But they dry-" Klaus tried explaining but Thea cut him off.

"I don't care, don't get them so dirty in the first place!" she stalked into their room and threw the shoes at him. "I'm going down. Hurry up or you'll have to explain to Dad why we're so late."

Thea pinched her nose in stress as she walked out of the room and down the stairs. She loved her brother, she really did, but sometimes he was too much even for her.

Once downstairs, she made her way into the training room where the rest of her siblings stood in line. Hargreeves stood at the front of the room with Vanya beside him, both had clipboards in hand and Vanya had a whistle around her neck.

"Ah, Number Zero. Would you like to explain why you're," he looked toward his watch, "6 minutes and 32 seconds late?"

Thea rolled her eyes as she walked over to stand at the front of the line by Luther. "Babysitting, as usual," she muttered.

Hargreeves eye's narrowed at her figure before nodding curtly and looking back at his clipboard. "Well then, we shall wait until Number Four deems it appropriate to grace us with his presence."

Just as he said that there was a loud crash before Klaus came springing into the room, his tracksuit messy and off centre and his shoes untied.

Thea closed her eyes and took a deep breath. If there's a Lord up there, give me the strength to deal with these idiots. I beg you.

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