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What's worsed than this kind of mother I have hmmm....maybe when the time comes that she strangled me to death,yeah maybe that. Or worse.

I'm currently walking in the streets to find a place to stay in. I felt like a stray animal that kicked out right now honestly. But I can't do much about this.

I have to find a place to stay as soon as possible. The sky is getting dark I'm sure it will rain heavily sooner or later.

People keep staring at me and I hate it
I can see pity in their eyes again. Stupid people.

One lady came to me and ask if I'm okay , I just stared at her coldly then walks away. They say life is good. But where's the good in this I just wanna die.

I continue my nonsense walk and just stare at my feet while it walks slowly.
I'm just tired of everything in this useless life. Besides, I knew that my mother wants me dead since I came from this stupid world.

I'm alone.
I'm alone in this world.

I don't even know who my father is.
From the start I knew that I'm going to walk alone with no one beside me.

I almost want to laugh at myself for being pathetic like always. Deep inside me I'm still longing for my mother's affection even just a little.
But she never did and just ignore me like I'm the one who's at fault for being born and destroyed her life.

I lift up my head and saw that I'm in the park already. Because of the weather it seems like there is no one coming here, usually it's lively but now it looks like a ghost town. I'm not afraid of ghost like others bea I never seen one. But I'm afraid of being alone.

I glanced to the sky that is usually lively and blue but now it's dark and looks sad. These things around me keeps reminding me what situation I'm in right now. The rain slowly starts to pour in me. And I just closed my eyes and let my tears flow down continuously. I'm fine with this as long as no one sees me in such a weak state.

"You really annoys the hell out of me!" I was startled but didn't move by the familiar cold voice of my so called mother.

"Funny, I am too"

These woman sure hates me. I opened my eyes then stare at her blankly I don't want her to find out that I cried because she will just shame me.

"I just arrived from work and found out that your not there. And here I'll just see you strolling around like a stupid dog"

I didn't answer her and stare at her weirdly. She clearly wants me to leave
earlier and now she's here in front of me.

"I didn't said that you will leave from the house"

"But you want me to"

"Yes. But I don't want to be the talk of the town just because I kick you out of the house"

"Aren't you cruel enough to say those things to me and still you want to keep your good mother image for them how good of you"

"Just stop spouting nonsense and go back I don't need another word of wisdom to hear"

Then she left. Huh. I really don't understand her.

I followed her and felt the tiny little hope that she will appreciate me too.


I think that this is my longest chapter so far hahahaha >~<. Anyways this is my super late update hope you like it:-).



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