two: Mr Right

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You dragged your body to your last class. Already exhausted from all the classes. You decided to take a short nap.

"You look like shit" sky said, sitting down next to you.

You groaned and laid your head on your desk, "I feel like shit" you mumbled. You lifted your head from your desk and looked at Sky.

"I think I'm getting my period soon" you muttered, looking down at your rusted and pen filled desk.

"I see." Sky said and nodded. She took her books out, not doing any work and started to sketch. You continued to moan and laid your head back down on the desk. Sky didn't bother you this time which you were grateful for. You drifted off to sleep, drowning the noise of your classmates as you felt yourself relax and falling deep into your slumber.

As you were asleep, two pair of eyes watched you. He smiled fondly at you. He got up from his seat and walked over to your friend. "Hey Sky" the boy greeted politely.

Sky looked up from her sketch and looked over at the tall boy with a bored expression. "What can I do for you, namjoon?"

Namjoon scratched the back of his neck and smiled nervously at your friend. Namjoon wasn't going to lie, but he felt extremely intimated by your short friend.

Sky had a look that could scare any person away. Not many people were brave enough to approach her. Her eyes cold and expression blank, many people thought Sky was your bully instead of your best friend.

Not like many people, you on the other hand see good in everyone. You saw Sky as a cute and adorable kitten that deserved all your love and attention. But anyways, your friendship being another story for another time.

Namjoon was nervous.

Namjoon licked his bottom lip,"I wanted to ask you if y/n is okay" he said.

Sky glanced at your unconscious figure and smirked. Sky stared at namjoon, lips pressed in a straight line. She watched as the tall boy gulped in fear. She was amused. Watching people feel nervous and uncomfortable she found it quite intriguing how she had that effect on people, but with namjoon she found it quite amusing, considering that you also have a crush on him. Calm and collected namjoon was nervous, she wanted to laugh.

"No. She's not. Why the concern?" Sky asked with a raised brow. Crush or not, Sky was very protective over you and the friends she came to love dearly.

"I could tell she wasn't well. Is she sick?"

"Yes." Sky said bluntly and went back to sketching, bored with the conversation.

Namjoons eyes grew wider, "Is it the flu? Stomach bug? If she has a fever she should see the-"

"Period" sky cut him off.


Nothing more said namjoon left the classroom. Sky looked up, watching namjoon leave and shook her head. "You like weird dudes" she said, talking to your sleeping form.

A few moments later namjoon came back. He nervously approached you and tapped your chubby cheek. You felt someone patting your head and you swatted the persons hand away, but they continued to pester you. "What" you said, groaning and looked up at the person.

Your eyes widened to see your crush looking down at you with a terrified expression. "Uh, sorry" you apologized and sat up straighter.

Namjoon smiled at you and you swore you felt your insides flip. Namjoon scratched the back of his nape nervously and you tilted your head a bit. You raised a brow at namjoon as he placed a small tub of ice cream on your desk.

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