Chapter 9

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Sighing, Dylan looks up at the clock once again to see the time. 12:09. He groans and leans back in his chair, yelping when it goes back too far. Quickly, he throws his weight forwards, flinging himself and letting the chair legs touch the floor. He puts a hand over his pounding heart not wanting to think about what would happen if he went back any further. He would've been a goner. Shaking his head, he inwardly calls himself a drama queen just as a knock sounds on the door. "Come in." A girl that Dylan vaguely recognizes walks in and he's tempted to yell at her. Why is this woman coming in and where is Juliet? Unintentionally, Dylan glares at the girl and she cringes. "Um...sir, today is Juliet's birthday," she states and he gives her a bored stare, before waving her on. "We would like it if you would come to the surprise birthday party we're throwing her." He raises and brow at that and slightly leans forward. "Then I'll be there," he states. "However, I need to know who organized the party." He nudges an empty notepad on his desk towards her. She gives him a nervous look and bites her lip, before nodding. Dylan gives her his charming smile and eagerly grabs a pen he doesn't use and hands it to her. She grabs the pan, nervousness in her eyes, gets tainted by a feeling he recognizes. He knew what she was about to do. "Lie about who helped organize the party and I will fire you and everybody you regularly talk to," he states, his eyes darkening. She blanches and all the color leaves her face. Yeah, Dylan thinks. Fear me. She shakily writes down names on the notepad, and thankfully it's understandable. When she's done about 3/4ths of the notepaper is filled and Dylan gives her another one of his dashing smiles. She relaxes. He stands up and offers her his hand and she slides her small one into his. "Lead the way....," he trails off and she gives him a warm smile. "Samantha." He returns her smile, though it's slightly cold. "Lead the way, Samantha."

She nods, and hand n' hand they walk just slightly down the hall to the floor's cafeteria. Dylan releases her hand and easily passes her, to reach out and open the door for her. "Thank you," Samantha says with a blush. Dylan almost grimaces. Not only did his employees plan a surprise party in his building that he didn't authorize, but they had the audacity to invite him without so much as a care in the world. People mill around and as soon as Dylan enters the cafeteria, the people that are milling around freeze and stare at him with eyes full of shock. A lanky male in his early 20's, rushes over and roughly grabs Samantha by the arm, pulling her away from Dylan, but not before throwing Dylan a small glare.

"Why is he here?" The man asks, not even bothering to whisper. Dylan's eyebrow twitch. Samantha gives the man a confused look and yanks her arm free from the man's grip. "Well Lane, because he's our boss." She emphasizes the word boss and Lane, glares at Samantha before walking away, not even Dylan a glance. Dylan walks over to Samantha and gives her a fake smile, resisting the urge to drop the whole laid back, nice guy facade and fire everyone in this room. How dare that Lane guy, glare at him when he owns the freaking company? Does he know that within a snap of his fingers, Dylan can make Lane's life a living hell? His fingers twitch, itching to inflict damage upon Lane's fragile-like body. "So, who's the cranky guy," he asks. "O, you mean Lane Darcy," she asks and Dylan nods. She rolls her eyes and taps him on the bicep. "He's mean to everyone, so it's not only you a-", so many questions flow through his head. Why is he being nice? Why isn't be acting like a boss? Why doesn't he just give into the urge to crush their souls? Why, is he smiling like he likes these pieces of filth walking around in his building? Rage mixed with hate and disgust fill his heart. No. He takes a deep breath and let the ugly emotions slowly leave his body. He will continue to be nice, because giving in to the temptation would probably put him in jail, ruining his company. He wasn't acting like a boss, because if your laid back people who are back-stabbing him won't bother to cover their tracks or hide their feelings for him. Lane glaring at Dylan is a perfect example. He won't act violent, because if he went back to violence he would do things that not even God could forgive him for.

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