Chapter 19: The First Lesson

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Author's Note:

So here's the next chapter everyone! Norah takes her first flight with red. I plan on adding the next chapter either today when I get home from work or tomorrow since this chapter was kinda boring compared to the past three. 

Here dragon kinda looks like a candy cane right? Lol. That's werew I got my inspiration for the reds colors, I was literally plotting the book while sucking on a Candy cane and was like, why the fuck not? 

Hollan sat me up, a hand braced on my shoulder blades to make sure I didn't topple over again. I winced, my thumb rubbing the sternum of my sore chest. The red had pierced right through my bone, reaching into my heart and doing some weird voodoo stuff on it to make me feel her emotions. And, as I tugged at the string stretching to the red and white dragon beside me, images started flashing in my head like some kind of home movie... starring me.

I was seeing through the reds eyes. At the way Holland and his green made wary glances at her, not sure of what to do with a creature thought to be extinct since before the Darkening. At my team and their dragons huddled nearby, keeping a safe distance from her with wide eyes.

Two colors. Red and white.

My dragon.

My human. My dragon proclaimed listening into my thoughts, nudging her snout in front of my face. The warmth of her scales and her smoke infused breath was rather comforting despite the fact that she tried to kill me a few minutes ago. The stings and aches from the battle still clung to my bones, reminding me that i'm only a mere human. No a Dragon Rider.

"Are you in any pain?" Holland questioned, his voice back to it's normal steeled and cold tone, but it didn't sound exactly the same as before. There was an edge in it, probably because of the two colored dragon in front of him.

I scoffed, gulping thickly and wincing at the rawness of my throat. "Not anymore." My eyes snapped to glare at my red, demanding she give me answers.

I'm sorry, it was the only way.

"Way for what?" My voice was sharp like daggers.

To be bonded. The dragons you spend your days with bond in different ways than I do. My bonding requires much more physical contact than single colored dragons do.

"Yeah, well your bonding method really sucks." My hand went to my throat, rubbing to try and ease the razor blades that sliced away at it during my screaming session. And with that memory I remembered the tears that had sprung from my eyes like waterfalls. The palm of my other hand swiped against my cheeks, but the heat from my dragons breath had burned the weakness away. But she couldn't remove the puffiness in my eyes.

"Woah." Lydia and her dragon both breathed in fascination. "Interesting."

I forced my eyes to stay fixated on my dragon who stood as close to me as possible, basically shoving her snout in my face. I refused to glare at my teammate's curious side. But I couldn't help but be annoyed with her. None of them had to get poked with a talon, all they had to do was play twenty questions. Gods, even Easton who had a similar test to mine, just had to swing his sword at the orange dragon bovering behind him.

"Aren't two colored dragons supposed to be extinct?" Cora whispered to someone, I presume the most knowledgeable, either Easton or Holland. But my team was still too close to the forest behind Holland and his dragon to be talking to him.

"Their, uh, supposed to be." Easton responded.

"I presume your dragon is talking to you." Holland assumed.

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