*ï½¥ first kiss ï½¥*

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"There is nothing in this world that makes me feel the way I do when you kiss me

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"There is nothing in this world that makes me feel the way I do when you kiss me."

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Thea's eyes flickered behind her eyelids as she slowly awoke from her deep slumber. The day before had been filled with training and Hargreeves had been a downright slave-driver, Thea winced as her muscles still ached. She sat up from within her comfy duvet and yawned as she stretched her tired arms above her head, groaning in satisfaction once she felt her back pop.

Her feet padded lightly against the wooden floor and she shivered from the morning chill. She tip-toed toward her and Klaus' shared closet and opened it, glancing toward her brother in concern when it creaked loudly. Klaus continued to sleep, oblivious to the world around him. She grabbed some comfy clothes to change into and silently padded toward the door and out of the room. Once outside she made her way across the hallway, jumping over the squeaky floorboards with ease.

Thea's expression turned sombre as she passed Five's old room. Nobody had spoken about Five in months, especially once their 14th birthday had passed and Five still hadn't come home. It was the first birthday the Hargreeves children had celebrated without one of them there, and they'd all felt awkward, sending concerned glances toward the empty chair Thea had insisted they kept out in case he returned.

Thea bit her lip and turned away from Five's door, continuing her journey toward Ben's room, quietly turning the doorknob and slipping inside. She saw a lump underneath the covers and crept closer as silently as she could, dropping her clothes onto his chair as she passed. Thea lifted the blue duvet up by the corner and slipped herself inside the welcoming warmth, wiggling her cold toes under the soft cover.

Now closer, she could see Ben's peacefully sleeping face. Thea's eyes roamed across his features, taking them all in while nobody could take notice of her staring, and bit the inside of her cheek at how pretty she found him. His eyebrows weren't frowning like they normally were during training or stressful situations, and his skin was a healthy golden tone, the complete opposite to Thea's. She and Klaus were naturally pale, no matter how much sun they got, while Ben's skin was a rich blend of sun-kissed that Thea thought made him even prettier.

Thea knew the feeling her stomach made whenever she was around Ben - a fluttering sensation that felt like butterflies lived inside her - wasn't normal, and she'd confided in her twin, who'd tried explaining exactly what was happening. Klaus had suggested she look at Luther, Diego, Allison and Vanya and test if her stomach fluttered as it did with Ben. When she'd slipped into his bed that night and explained that nothing had happened, Klaus had told her in hushed tones under the covers exactly what she was feeling.

She liked Ben, she loved him. But not as a brother.

She'd predictably freaked out, but Klaus had assured her that Ben felt the same and had further explained at her look of disbelief. He'd pointed out every time Ben had complimented her or blushed at something she'd said, or even gotten jealous of her and Five's playful banter. Thea's eyes had widened in shock as he listed off all the moments and she'd felt like slapping herself for her stupidity. She'd wished she'd never blocked out everyone's thoughts for their privacy because she'd have known all of this sooner.

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