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"Look at him Aphmau, and tell me you don't think he is the sexiest man alive" Zane said, shoving his phone in Aphmau's face. Aphmau desperately tried to push his phone away from her face.

"I'd be able to take a good look at him once you hold the goddamn phone still" Aphmau said. Zane groaned and held his phone still, allowing Aphmau to look.

Aphmau studied the picture. From the platinum white hair to the neck tattoo of what seemed to be a black rose. From the green eyes to the many piercings.

"Looks good." Aphmau said in approval.

"He looks more than just 'good!' " Zane exclaimed. He took another look at the picture and pushed it away from him.

"This picture is bad for my health, take it away" he said as he closed his eyes and held it away from him. Aphmau reached for the phone but Zane pulled it back towards him.

"No! I must look again"

"Zane your gay is showing" Aphmau said teasingly.

"You say that like my gay hasn't been showing all my life" Zane shot back.

Zane looked at the picture once more. Zane doesn't normally think about relationships, but he might actually have a chance with this guy. Zane's been mindlessly flirting with any and every cute boy he has encountered, but Travis is different. Travis respects Zane more than any other sugar daddy has. Travis doesn't ask for anything in return. That's what made him different.

"Instead of looking at one picture of him, ask for more" Aphmau said.

"B-but I don't want to sound desperate!"

"You never cared about that before!"

Aphmau karate chopped the top of Zane's head, making Zane wince as a result.

"You're his sugar baby, his baby boy, his bottom bitch. If you ask for anything he'll give it to you" She said as Zane rubbed his head.

"Alright, fine" Zane pouted.

Zane began typing on his phone. Then deleting some words. Then typing again. He held his breath as he pressed send.

"See? Was that really hard to do." Aphmau asked. Zane pressed the power button on his phone.

"I guess it wasn't that hard." Zane said as he began patiently waiting for Travis' answer. He nearly fell out of his skin when he got an almost instant reply. Typing in his password, he opened Instagram and-

"Dear god." was all that came out of Zane's mouth.

"What?" Aphmau asked.

Zane natural blush seemed to expand and darken.

"He sent another one"

Zane turned his phone to Aphmau so she can properly appreciate Travis' sexiness. This picture was different from the first one. The first one had a serious face and this one showed Travis smiling with his eyes closed. The perfect opposite of each other. From a sexy beast, to an adorable marshmallow.

"He looks so soft!" Zane was nearly crying at this point, being the drama queen he is.

"Now, compliment him! As your best friend, It's my obligation to help you win this guy over. Do to your thing, Zane. Flirt!" Aphmau said.

"Uhh okay" Zane said.


Wow (◠‿◠✿) so attractive, daddy

Thanks haha


"Okay, what do I do now?" Zane asked.

"I dunno. Ask him about himself, I guess. Like were does he get all that money" Aphmau suggested.


What do you do for a job?

My profession shouldn't concern you


"Oh my god, he's a total serial killer."

"What? No he's not. That's stupid."

Aphmau folded her arms with a knowing smile.

"Let's see, lots of money, tattoos, not telling his job." Aphmau gasped.

"He's totally a drug dealer!"

Zane's eyes widened in surprise.

"Drug dealer?!" He said, astonished at the conclusion that Aphmau came to.

"Honey, did you stretch before you reached?" Zane asked in a sarcastic tone. Aphmau rolled her eyes.

"I'm telling you. He must be some kind of criminal" Aphmau stated with a shrug.

"And you're just delusional" Zane said back, now scrolling through a shopping app. Aphmau playfully poked his cheek and pulled out her own phone, playing a game called 'fluffy fall'.

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