chapter sixteen

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"Are you seriously not going to tell me anything?"

Camila smirks as she looks over at Dinah, before she shrugs casually and finishes packing her overnight bag. "Nope."

"You are the worst best friend in the history of best friends," Dinah announces, and that almost makes Camila crack. "Come on, you haven't told me anything about your date with Lauren, and as the number one Camren shipper, I need to know. As the captain, I need to know."

Camila rolls her eyes. "We went out. It was nice."

"Oh my god, I need details, and why are you packing an overnight bag?" Dinah asks as Camila zips her backpack up. "Are you going over to her place?"

"Mhm, she's cooking dinner for me." Camila announces, and it's like everything she'd been holding back the last week comes pouring out, "And she likes me back and I think there's actually going to be a future for us and- and I know it sounds stupid but it was like the best date I'd ever been on because it was with her."

Dinah smiles. "I'm happy you're so happy, Walz. You deserve it."

Camila just sighs contently, thinking about Lauren, and when a thought comes to her, she laughs. "Oh god, I just realised that if we do stay together forever, I'm going to have to listen to her sleep-talking about edible panda bears or something just as weird for the rest of my life."

"Well, everyone has their flaws," Dinah laughs, "and she probably hates you for putting that in your vlog."

Camila laughs. "What can I say? It's quality content."

"So, uh, how is she handling the Camriana shippers?" Dinah asks, and Camila shrugs, because Lauren hasn't mentioned anything to her since that one time. "People think you're back together with her because they could see you sat with her in the background of a picture someone else posted."

Camila shakes her head. "No, that's... I don't see why they're so attached to it. And I don't have a problem with them shipping it, it's just that... that I've seen some of them attacking Lauren, calling her ugly, body shaming her, and it makes me worry that it'll scare her off. I wouldn't blame her for it if she did decide that being with me is more than she's bargained for..."

Dinah sends her a comforting smile, but she doesn't look all that worried. "Mila, it's pretty obvious that she's totally head over heels for you. I don't think something as trivial as that would scare her off."

Camila hopes so. "Well, I should go, I told her I'd be there for six. Apparently she's making me a Lauren Jauregui Specialty Dish. That's what she told me over text."

"Damn, you've got her cooking for you?" Dinah laughs. "Three course meal?"

"I think just two courses, which is pretty amazing in itself, considering the most complex thing I can make is toast." Camila replies; Ally has always offered her cooking lessons, but any time they'd tried to do anything, Camila had set something on fire or dropped all of the ingredients, so Ally had decided that it would be safer to outright ban her from everything that isn't the toaster or the microwave.

(She's currently on thin ice about the microwave when she'd left popcorn in there and walked back in to find the kitchen clouded with smoke.)

"Have fun, alright?" Dinah says, and as Camila shoulders her backpack, she follows her out of her bedroom. "But not too much. But if you do have too much fun, do tell me."

"Creeper," Camila shoves her playfully, "I'll see you later."

Dinah grins. "Have fun with your girlfriend."

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