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"I really hope Leo isn't a bad influence on you," my mom says. She's sat on the edge of my bed all dressed up to go out.

I'm grounded because apparently I can be grounded? First time in my life.

Anyway, grounded for not telling her where I was but I've told her a thousand times Leo and I were just sleeping over at a friends house. She doesn't trust his friends though and I know she thinks they're sketchy.

"I don't want anyone over and you're not to leave the house," my mom says. "You hear me?"

"Yes mom," I groan. "Not going to throw a party just really tired. Might go downstairs to watch a movie."

And invite over Leo.

"Okay honey," she stands up. "We'll be back in a few hours."

As soon as she leaves my room I text Leo to come over which he's good with. He takes Uber which I swear to fucking god he makes me drive him everywhere with the excuse he doesn't like Uber.

I can hear my parents car pull out of the garage and go down the street because my dad is obnoxious and when he drives the Mercedes will put it in race mode.

Me: don't go through the front gates tho, there's cameras
Leo: ok

Keanu: hey wanna hang
Me: can't, grounded
Keanu: so ur not with Leo bc he just left
Me: grounded
Keanu: Fine, wanna hang tmr?
Me: sure. If my mom lets me
Keanu: she likes me
Me: yeah

I shut off my phone and head to the bathroom to check the tattoo in the mirror. It's healing nicely.

Keeping it secret is going to be hard. Luckily we aren't idiots and got it low enough that boxers and swim trunks cover it but Keanu will eventually find out.

I walk downstairs and wait for Leo. I'm not tired at all, I basically napped all day with nothing to do. I spent a couple hours with the horses and read. Being grounded fucking sucks.

I let him in through the door in our garage. It's the only door without cameras.

"How is your tat?"

"Fine," I say.

"You regretting it yet?" He laughs.

"Fuck why are we so dumb?" I laugh pulling up my shirt again and pushing my boxers down a bit to see it. "Very odd spot too."

"I think it's hilarious."

"Of course you do. Okay go sit down or something. Wanna watch a movie?"

"Sure," he shrugs. "What movie?"

"Hell if I know. Just find something on Netflix or on demand now that you know where the god damn button is." That earns a snort from him.

I stand in the kitchen waiting for the popcorn to be done in the microwave. I end up sitting on the counter. "You want M&M's in the popcorn?" I shout to the other room.


I return to the other room a bit later, popcorn in hand, and sit down next to Leo.

"Hey, share," he says grabbing my arm holding the bowl and moving it closer to him.

"Have you even picked a movie yet?"

"Black Panther."

"I've already watched that."

"Okay great, you're going to watch it again."

I roll my eyes and laugh.

We sit and watch the movie for a bit. I hate rewatching things because everything is so predictable. I obviously know what's going to happen next.

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