Friendly Fire ( 37 )

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The next morning I woke up with a pain in my neck. I slowly popped it as I rose from my bed. Last night was a pain to sleep thought. My thought raged as they didn't allow me to sleep.

I got dress tiredly. I put on a crimson red t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. It seemed I had been wearing a lot of red lately.

I sighed and walked out of my room into the hall. My plan was to go down to the lobby to get breakfast for everyone to help take the edge off. Although fate had other plans for me as Ty threw open his room door and storm off down the hall.

I was about to call out to him when Jason came out of there room and started yelling down the hall at Ty.

"Running from your fights like a coward, Mr.Big Shot!"

Ty stopped and turned around and walked straight up to Jason and pointed his finger in his face. I had never seen Ty act this way. In his blind rage, I doubt he even noticed I was there.

"You have no idea who I am. I've been doing this same shit alone for centuries! Can I not have anything for my self?"

"Not when it hurts the team. Because of you, we aren't any closer to beating Zeref and your stupid brother."

At that moment I saw something snap-inside of Ty. Ty let out a low growl at Jason as he tried to hold himself back. Ty clenched his first as Jason continued to speak.

"Oh did I hit a nerve? I guess that makes sense you were the one who put him there. Some big brother you are."

Jason pushed Ty away from him but barely cause Ty to stumble. In a moments notice, Ty raised his fist and hit Jason sqaure across the face. Jason stumbled back from the blow before he tackled Ty around the waist and threw him to the ground.

I called out for them to stop but the only ones who hear where the other hotel guest who came from there rooms to watch.

Jason got a few good hits in on Ty's face before Ty rolled and switched their positions using his legs. Ty was now on top whaleling on Jason. Blood poured form Jason most likely broken nose. The same red blood decorating Ty's knuckles.

I continued to yell for them to stop but they didn't listen. Desperate for them to stop I grabbed Ty by his arm trying to pull him off of Jason, however, it was futile.

He was a lot strong than me and he proved it as he turned on me. It was so fast I don't even think he knew he was doing. He was running on pure instinct.

His fist connected with my right cheek and I fell to the ground as the world went black.


I woke up in pain and with two bright lights shining in my eyes.

"She's coming to doctor", a female voice said.

My eye adjusted and I saw I was in a white hospital room. There was both a nurse and a doctor in the room with me.

I tried to sit up but my pounding headache kept me down.

"It's alright your safe here, Miss Highlander.", The nurse said laying a hand on my shoulder

"Miss Highlander. What's the last thing you remember?", The doctor asked.

"I was at my hotel room.", I answered vaguely knowing if I reconnected the truth events there could be a big problem.

"Anything else?", The nurse asked sweetly.

"No. It's all fuzzy", I lied.

" It's alright, honey. Hopefully, your memories will return in time. It's just awful what that psychopath did to you.", the nurse said sadly


"The man who kidnapped you from the looks of it he beat you too. I'm so sorry but don't worry your father took care of it. That man won't see the light of day again and when the doctor clears you your father will take you back home so you can put this whole mess behind you."

"What! No! Ty didn't kidnap me!",I yelled sitting up dispute the pain.

"Must be a case of stockholm syndrome.", The doctor said sadly while writing on his clipboard.

"Please, just let me see him", I begged.

"Alright, I go get your father just wait here."

"What? No! Not him."

But it was too late they were gone.

Almost right after the doctor and nurse left Alex opened the door and closed it behind.

"Alex what's going on!", I yelled.

"Shh!! I'm not supposed to be here. Your father said no one could see you but the staff."

"What happened?"

"It's a long story."

"Tell me."

"Well, when Ty hit you he picked you took you back to your room and he called us after you didn't wake up. Ty was a mess and wouldn't leave you. Then after like 4 hours you still wouldn't wake up and Ty thought he broke you. Then we ended up taking you to the hospital and they found out who you were and that you were missing. Also you were apparently marked as kidnapped. So then they arrested Ty. He didn't even fight back. Then your dad showed up and wouldn't let us see you. God, It's a mess."

I sat on the bed silently cursing my life when the door open again. I looked up and saw a familiar face.

"Well, if I'm correct you kids are in need of an old fashion Mexican jailbreak.", Maria smiled.

"Maria," I shouted as I run to her.

I hugged her and she hugged me back. Tears threaten to fall as we embraced one other.

"Now, now my Conejito. It's not the time for tears. We have work to do."

I nodded then she pointed at Alex.

"You stand up," Alex stood up looking almost frightened," You find your friends. Then get to your dragons and wait for Larisa and Ty to join you, Understood?"

" Yes, Ma'am," Alex said as he ran out the door.

"And Me?"

"We're going downtown to free your, friend."

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